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Market Survey 2003
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(Valid from February 2003, Thursday 20th, h. 15 gmt +1 to Friday 21st, h. 15 gmt +1 only)

I Market Survey 2003 of the Club Panerai

the on-line Archives for the Luminor, Luminor Marina and Radiomir Panerai models owners
- Historic Collection and Special Editions -
The goal of this market survey, opened to all those Panerai's watches lovers, even if not owners, is to suggest directly Officine Panerai, Richemont Group, Milan - Italy, with new ideas, criticisms or proposals, offering our point of view about the actual collections, finalized to improve the liking, especially of the collectors, in all over the world.
Among all those who will reply to this first our survey, by common consent with the same O. Panerai and F. Ferretti, the famous italian collector and the O. Panerai's official dealer in Montecatini Terme (Pistoia) - Italy, we will draw 30 Panerai-Wwf's photographic books (15 given from O. Panerai and 15 given from F. Ferretti) -The value of time-, by A. Guccione, ed. O. Panerai, Milan - Italy that will be sended to the 30 winners listed in this page as from February 2003, Monday, 24th (h. 15, gmt +1), while the result of the survey will be published as from February, 2003, Thursday, 27th (h. 15, gmt +1).
Afterwards, will be made another survey about the Contemporary Collection and the Special Editions.

Thank you for your participation.
February 2003, Thursday, 13th


List of the 30 winners to whom will be sent, within few weeks, the photographic book -The value of time- by A. Guccione, ed. O. Panerai.
15 books will be sent by Officine Panerai, Milan, Italy, to:
- Caetano REGHINE, Brazil
- Valter CUCCHI, Italy
- Jerry CHARNNOW, Usa
- Marco BISACCIA, Italy
- Terence QUEK, Singapore
- Bruna TORTU', Italy
- Vincenzo BAGNATO, Italy
- Alberto CECCARELLI, Italy
- Luca ALBERTI, Italy
- Richard LLOYDS, Usa
- Enrico CARBONI, Italy
- Vieri CANOVA, Italy
- Ermes DIONISIO, Italy
- Matteo PANINI, Italy

while the other 15 books will be sent by Francesco Ferretti, Officine Panerai's official dealer, Montecatini Terme (Pistoia) - Italy, to:
- Frank RAISS, Germany
- Dirk GRANDRY, Belgium
- Oliver BAUMANN, Germany
- Volker WIEGMANN, Germany
- Ho DESMOND, Singapore
- Fabio CASTELLANI, Italy
- Sauro SODINI, Italy
- Francesco SODINI, Italy
- Alberto COLETTA, Italy
- Spartaco LANDI, Italy
- Alessandro BARTELLONI, Italy
- Claudio SALVINI, Italy
- Massimo BAMBAGIOTTI, Italy
- Orazio PENACCHIO, Italy
- Federigo MARSILI LIBELLI, Italy


In 24 hours, have taken part to the survey 76 people totally:
51 from Italy and 25 from abroad (8 from Usa, 4 from Germany, 3 from France, 3 from United Kingdom, 1 from Switzerland, 1 from Belgium, 1 from Spain, 1 from Hong Kong, 1 from Malaysia, 1 from Singapore and 1 from Brazil).
- To the first question, that is about the eventual already Panerai on their own, about the 75% of the sharers are already a Panerai's owner.
Among the owners, about the half have an actual Luminor Marina 44mm hand wound, while the other half have, mainly, the actual Luminor base ed. 1993, the Luminor P. Reserve 44mm aut. and, at last, the Luminor 1950.
- To the second question, that is about the idea of an eventual next purchase, expressed from the 80% of the sharers, about the 60% of these has the idea to buy a Luminor 1950, while the remaining 40% is divided into, mainly, the Luminor Marina 44mm hand wound, the Luminor P. Reserve 44mm aut. and the Radiomir 42mm aut.
The watch, absolutely, preferred by the majority of the sharers (80%) is the Luminor 1950, followed, mainly, from the Luminor Marina 44mm hand wound and the Luminor P. Reserve 44mm aut.
For example, about the Luminor 1950, some people are not satisfied of the cambered sapphire glass (they would prefer it flat, also for having a better view of the index) and of the calf strap (for its excessive softness, they would prefer it stiff, i. e. like it in leather of the historicals).
They don't like (especially from the italian people) the 40mm Luminor measures and the precious metal variations or with the diamonds of the Radiomir, while the Radiomir 42mm aut. is definied "beautiful" and the two Radiomir Crono Split Seconds models 40-42mm are definied "spendid".
Viceversa (again with the majority of the italian people), would like more historical models possible, but at a "cheaper" price respect it of the Luminor 1950!
- To the third, fourth and fifth question, that is about my proposal of a new re-edition of the first 1936/38 Radiomir and of the Egyptian Radiomir 1956 (II edition, so-called "big"), to refit the ardillon buckle (like Luminor 1950) on the historicals and to eliminate the white dial from the same historicals, only 2 (on the 76 sharers) are contrary to the re-edition of the very Radiomir 1936/38 (with the arabian and roman index) and to delete the white dial from the historicals, while all the others (i. e. 74) are agree with my proposals about the historicals.
- At least, for what concern the criticisms and the proposals about my site, clubpanerai.com, the firsts regard a better graphic layout and to accept also the subscriptions of the other collections, while the seconds regard a greater historical information and, overall, a better information about the new Panerai's events and proposals.

Piero Lapiana (Club Panerai) thanks both Angelo Bonati and Maryline De Cesare (Officine Panerai) both Francesco Ferretti (official dealer) for the given contribution to this market survey


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