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Panerai. S. Book II (Photos I)
Wednesday September, 3rd 2003, care of the historic Restaurant -Buonamico- in Viareggio (Tuscany), has been held the interview by the editorial staff of the publishing house Tokei Begin of Tokyo, Japan, to publish then on the II edition of the -Panerai Style Book-.
After the lunch, we have gone in front of the -Turret- of Gianni, of the Scuba Divers Club Artiglio-Viareggio, located care of the old lighthouse of the harbour of Viareggio, to make the photographic report.
At the meeting were present the journalist Nozomi with Hiroyuki Ueda-Tokei Begin Japan Senior Editor, Tatsuo Yamada-Seeds Communication Japan Editorial Director, Hiromi Goto-O. Panerai (Richemont Japan) Chief Communication and Maryline De Cesare-O. Panerai International Public Relations.

Piero Lapiana, Marco Mancini and Ricciardo Canova thank Angelo Bonati-O. Panerai CEO and the same Maryline De Cesare for being chosen for the interview and the photographic report that will be published in the II edition of the -Panerai Style Book-, available to the public in the summer 2004 (will be presented at the end of June, but in advance respect the opening of the new Boutique Panerai in Tokyo-Japan), mainly in Japan and in the South-East Asia.

The signatures of the sharers

The Team of the Club Panerai at the restaurant with Maryline De Cesare

The fully table

The Team of the Club Panerai in front of the -Turret- of the Scuba Divers Club Artiglio-Viareggio, care of the harbour of Viareggio

From the left to the right: Marco Mancini, Ricciardo Canova and Piero Lapiana.
The (Dream) Team of the Club Panerai
with their personalized polo, not on sale, with the written www.clubpanerai.com
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Only the history. On the wrist

The cover of the Panerai Style Book, II edition

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