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IV Meeting 2004 (Info)

All for one and one for all!

Map of the places of the meeting

Viareggio (Tuscany). Saturday, 15th May 2004

Saturday 15th May 2004, care of the hotel Club I Pini,

Via Roma no. 43, tel. 0039/0584-66103 and fax 0039/0584-66104, Lido di Camaiore (Tuscany), will be held the IV Meeting of the Club Panerai, the habitual yearly meeting of the Panerai’s watches owners registered to this site and of the all military watches passionate.



- Friday 14th May 2004
In the morning, arrival at the hotel and accomodation (alternatively, see Saturday 15th);
H. 13,00 visit (by bus 100 min.) to the exhibition about the 100 years of the italian submarines, called -From the Delfino to the Scirè-, care of the Italian Technical Naval Museum of La Spezia (Liguria);
H. 19,00 come-back to the hotel and dinner, (H. 20,30) with the support and the menu prepared by the sommeliers Fisar of the Versilia and Massa Carrara departments.
- Saturday 15th May 2004
In the morning, arrival at the hotel and accomodation (alternatively, see Friday 14th);
H. 10,00 visit to the near (km 15) -old house of the farm- of Bocca di Serchio (Pisa), (see the book -Panerai Historia-, pag. 76)

training centre of the commandos of the X Mas Flotilla of the Italian Royal Navy, during the second world war, with the presence of the Italian gold medal Emilio Bianchi;

Today, the Assault Unit of the Italian Navy is located near La Spezia (Liguria) and is entitled to Teseo Tesei, ideator in the 1935 with Elios Toschi, just of the -Siluro a Lenta Corsa/Slow Speed Torpedo- and nicknamed from the same Teseo Tesei -Maiale/Pig-;
(See the technical data of the -Pig-)

(Above) The Slow Speed Torpedo or Maiale/Pig, exposed in Taormina (Sicily)

H. 13,00 come-back to the hotel and snack care of the near (m 500) snack bar -Il Pinolo- in Lido di Camaiore;
H. 15,30 meeting of the participants, in the show-room located at the first floor of the hotel, for the exhibition of the one’s Panerai’s collection, watches and various objects.
This year, the meeting will be not opened to the public;
H. 20,30 dinner, care of the near (km 3) and historic restaurant -Buonamico- in Viareggio, just where the commandos of the Italian Royal Navy, during the second world war, from the training centre of Bocca di Serchio went to have dinner and when they spoke among them about -pigs-, the boss at the time thought they were livestock traders…
- Sunday 16th May 2004
H. 9,30 visit (by train and then by bus 90 min.) to the boutique Panerai of Portofino (Liguria) and lunch care of the famous -Piazzetta-;
H. 19,00 come-back to the hotel, greetings and rendez-vous for all the people in Frankfurt (Germany) for Saturday 6th November 2004, for the P-Day 3 (see the II edition of the 2003) and for May 2005 for the V Meeting of the Club Panerai during of the III International Artiglio Award (see the III edition of the 2003), care of the Congress Centre of the Principe di Piemonte of Viareggio.


- Single room, bed and breakfast, Euro 80.00 per day and per room;
- Double room, bed and breakfast, Euro 100.00 per day and per room;
- Dinner (meat food), with the wines of the tuscany cellar -Nozzole- of Friday 14th, in the hotel -Club I Pini-, Euro 25.00 per person;
- Dinner (sea food) of Saturday 15th, in the restaurant -Buonamico- in Viareggio, Euro 35.00 per person.
- Dinner (sea food) of Sunday 16th, in the restaurant -Tripoli- in Portofino, Euro 50.00 per person.
Every of the rooms of the hotel has a little safe and the animals are also admitted.
In case of no more room availables, the accomodation will be effectued in an hotel of the same category.
For organizing reasons, we suggest to all the interested people to reserve the hotel within Friday 30th April 2004, writing the terms of your participation and the number of the people, both for the only two dinners and both, above all, for the eventual accomodation in the hotel.

Info and Reservations:

Please to write to:
Club I Pini, Mr. Claudio Salvini ,
or Club Panerai, Mr. Piero Lapiana
(writing in the object: IV Meeting Panerai).


- Italian Navy Assault Section, Com.Sub.In.-T. Tesei;
- Volker Wiegmann, Germany;
- Pisa Int. Airport;
- Italian Motorways;
- Italian Railways;
- Alitalia;
- Ryanair;
- City of Viareggio;
- Carnevale of Viareggio.

How to reach us:

a) For those whom arrive by plane:
From the international airport -G. Galilei- of Pisa, take the train for Pisa Centrale (km 3) and then, take another train, on the La Spezia-Genova-Torino’s direction, for Viareggio (km 20). Arrived in Viareggio, take a taxi for the hotel (km 3) Club I Pini, Via Roma no. 43, Lido di Camaiore.
b) For those whom arrive by train:
Station of Viareggio, on the La Spezia-Genova-Torino’s or Florence-Viareggio’s direction. Arrived in the station, take a taxi for the hotel (km 3) Club I Pini, Via Roma no. 43, Lido di Camaiore.
c) For those whom arrive by motorway:
Exit of Viareggio of the railways Florence-See (Firenze Lucca/Viareggio) A11 and Genoa-Livorno A12. Go to Lido di Camaiore, take Via del Fortino and then, finally, take Via Roma until the no. 43 of the hotel.

List of the participants:

Emilio BIANCHI (Gold Medal), Ivano SALVETTI, Omeris ARPESELLA, Carlo RUGGIERI and Giampiero MALFATTI (1940's - 1960's Italian Navy Assault Members)
1) Claudio Salvini, in the past officer of the Italian Navy, Fisar' sommelier, boss of the hotel and passionate;
2) Piero Lapiana, Fisar' sommelier, club panerai’site international p. r. and collector;
3) Marco Mancini, Fisar' sommelier, club panerai’site webmaster and passionate;
4) Ricciardo Canova, club panerai’site ideator and collector;
5) Francesco Ferretti, Officine Panerai’s official authorised dealer in Montecatini Terme (Tuscany) and watchmaker;
6) Mario Paci, of the Panerai Sistemi, Florence (now of the Riva-Calzoni group of Bologna), Project engineeer and collector;
7-8) Luciano and Samuele Rinaldi, S. Croce sull’Arno (Tuscany), collectors;
9) Umberto Panzeri, Rolex’s authorised assistance centre in Viareggio and watchmaker;
10) Roberto Tarabella, Vixia’s authorised assistance centre in Lido di Camaiore and watchmaker;
11) Plinio Pratesi, of the Scuba Divers Society -Teseo Tesei- of Viareggio and passionate;
12) Carlo De Fons, of the Scuba Divers Society -Teseo Tesei- of Viareggio and passionate;
13) Sauro Sodini, Viareggio, of the International Artiglio Award and collector;
14) Volker Wiegmann, Germany, collector;
15) Frank Raiss, Germany, collector;
16) Ermes Dionisio, Tarcento (Friuli V. Giulia), collector;
17) Peter Yonkers -Mr. Yellow-, Belgium, collector;
18) Fausto Bulleri, Empoli (Tuscany), collector;
19) Ilya Depuydt -Mr. Orange-, Belgium, collector;
20) Fabio Castellani, San Remo (Liguria) collector;
21) Luca Piantanida, Florence, collector;
22) Alessandro Bartelloni, Lido di Camaiore, collector;
23) Andreas Schutz, Germany, collector;
24) Diego Gabathuler, Switzerland, collector;
25) Jacopo Vannini, Florence, collector;
26) Torsten Scharff, Germany, collector;
27) Shane Johns, England, collector;
28) Giuseppe Falconi, Viareggio, passionate;
29) Marco Aspi, Marina di Pietrasanta (Tuscany), collector;
30) Simona Di Stefano, Boutique Panerai, Portofino (Liguria).

- If you want to see both the special t-shirt, created by Volker Wiegmann, just for the IV Meeting, CLICK HERE (.pdf format and 289kb) and both the other special t-shirt, Paneristi Chapter Viareggio-Italy, created also by Volker Wiegmann, CLICK HERE (.pdf format and 27,1kb).
- If you want to see the special postcard, ever created by Volker Wiegmann for the IV Meeting CLICK HERE (.pdf format and 190kb).
- Volker Wiegmann with the special t-shirt from him realised.

- If you want to see the other special postcard, created by Mario Paci for the IV Meeting CLICK HERE (.pdf format and 108kb).

Good appetite! 47 mm of mussels... (Samuele Rinaldi. Photo by Mario Paci)

Mario Paci with, on the right, Emilio Bianchi

The model (length m 2.5) of the sea-carrier of the Italian Navy -G. Garibaldi- with, on board, several watches Panerai.
At the bottom on the left, there is the only one Luminor -Destro- (Left Handed) produced in 1993-4 on demand, in the bottom on the right, the second watch is the only one prototype of the L. Marina Yellow Gold Pvd while in the centre, in front of the isle of the model, there is the Luminor with the twin lever for the Israeli Navy (Photo by Mario Paci)

From the left to the right: (P-Day 2 Cologne) Frank Raiss, Angelo Bonati - CEO O. Panerai, Volker Wiegmann and Piero Lapiana - Club Panerai

(P-Day 2 Cologne) Angelo Bonati with the key-holder of the X Mas Flotilla given him just from Piero Lapiana

The invitation has been already sent both to Mr. Angelo Bonati - C.E.O. and to Mrs. Maryline De Cesare - International P. R., of the O. Panerai, Milan, both to the staff (Mrs. Paola and Patrizia and Mr. Leonardo) of the Boutique Panerai in Florence and to Mrs. Simona Di Stefano (Boutique Panerai in Portofino-Genoa).

The (Dream) Team of the Club Panerai, from the left to the right:
Marco Mancini, Ricciardo Canova and Piero Lapiana thank all those who will take part to the IV Meeting.


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