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IV Meeting 2004 (La Spezia)
The photos, to publish later, have been made from Volker Wiegmann and Frank Raiss-Germany and Piero Lapiana-Italy
All the people illustrated are from the left to the right


In the hotel, before leaving for La Spezia (Liguria)

The light-lunch care of the historic snack-bar -Il Pinolo-, in Lido di Camaiore

Waiting for the bus -Lazzi- to La Spezia

In the bus, with my friend Filippo Dati, history graduated and specialized just in history of the Italian Navy

The Arsenal of the Italian Navy in La Spezia, location also of the Naval Museum

At the entrance of the Naval Museum, where has been prepared the exhibition called:
The one-hundred years of the italian submarines. From the Delfino to the Scirè

Some Panerai’s instruments at that time

Model of the first italian submarine, the Delfino (Dolphin) (about 1890)

Prototype of the Luminor Big Egyptian, ref. gpf 2/56 (1956), then manufactured in 50 units for the Egyptian Navy, but with the written Radiomir

The little ribbons of the berrets of the italian submariners. Those of the Scirè (1938-1942) has the italian gold medal. In the 2006 the Italian Navy will launch a new submarine, the second after the S. Todaro of the type U-212, that will be called just Scirè

Inside the exhibition with the our guide, the journalist Alberto Menichetti from La Spezia

The front beak of the Scirè

The 147mm gun of an italian submarine

The S.L.C. holder cylinder of the Scirè

The monument, dedicated to the italian submariners, both crews that units, missing in the wars

The symbol of the italian submariners, the dolphin, from which the name of the first italian submarine

In front of the anchor and the propeller of the italian battle ship Vittorio Veneto (1940’s)

Other Panerai’s instruments at that time

Omeris Arpesella, at that time Gamma Swimmer, into the Naval Museum

At the exit of the Naval Museum

The head-quarter of the Admiralty, the Italian Navy High Tirrenian Department Centre, next to the Arsenal

Mr. Orange-Ilya Depuydt, Belgium, with -its- preferred tree!

La Spezia. Come-back to the hotel, in Lido di Camaiore

During the dinner in the hotel

The Sommelier of the Fisar National Team and Boss of the Massa Carrara Department, Tullio Scavone with the Boss of the hotel and in the past officer of the Italian Navy, the Fisar Sommelier, Claudio Salvini

Tullio with Piero, Sommelier Fisar, Secretary of the Versilia Department, in front of the wines of the cellar -Tenuta di Nozzole- from Greve (Tuscany), served during the dinner

Piero receives from Frank and from Volker the wall-watch, with the image of E. Bianchi, made during the III Meeting 2003, a beautiful reproduction of the Panerai’s dial and the special t-shirt of the Meeting, while Piero gives to Frank and Volker, the key-holder of the Italian Navy and the pin of the X Mas Flotilla

The Club Panerai is composed by historic gentlemen..., not contemporary! Piero gives to Simona a bunch of orchids

At the end of the dinner. Fabio, Simona, Piero and Marco

All ok, Mr. Orange!


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