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IV Meeting 2004 (Exhibition)
The photos, have been made from Volker Wiegmann and Frank Raiss-Germany, Mario Paci, Luciano and Samuele Rinaldi and from Umberto Panzeri-Italy

Another worldest record with 9 torches and 5 triptycs in all exhibited, while during the 2003 II International Artiglio Award the other worldest record was for the 90 watches and the 39 among compassess and depth-gauges, in all exhibited. The challenge continue!

All the people are illustrated from the left to the right


The L. Marina personalized, ref. 5218-210, of Mario Paci (He can does it)

The L. M. Militare, ref. 6152, of Luciano and Samuele Rinaldi (Pag. 40-41 Orologi di Polso)

Volker Wiegmann with Omeris Arpesella, in the past Gamma Swimmer

The collections of Fabio Castellani and Fausto Bulleri

Omeris together some girls with the t-shirts of the X Flottiglia Mas given free from him

Tho other two watches, Luminor and Mare Nostrum, of the collection of Mario

One of the 4 trittici-triptycs exhibited by Luciano and Samuele

The trittico-triptyc exhibited by Fabio

The knife at that time, of Emilio Bianchi, given to Luciano and Samuele for the rework

Particular of the Elux Torch (Pag. 71 Panerai Historia)

Mare Nostrum Counter-Hours (Pag. 64 Orologi di Polso)

Volker Wiegmann, Ricciardo Canova-Club Panerai, Piero Lapiana-Club Panerai, Umberto Panzeri, Marco Mancini-Club Panerai and Frank Raiss

Francesco Ferretti reply in this way..., to whom asks him a discount!

The english cutting-net scissors, the 9 torches and the cronographic indicator for torpedoes (Pag. 31 Panerai Historia)

The hands of Omeris.
Say what you want, but the Radiomir, ref. 3646, with the roman and arab index -California dial- is the most beautiful of alls. Even if has the dial and the crown Rolex, Panerai publish its image both on the books (Pag. 32 Panerai Historia) and both on the Dvd, so it’s now a Panerai property, not Rolex.
Il Club Panerai continue to ask to the CEO A. Bonati, a special edition of this model, Radiomir 1938, 47mm, genuine op ardillon buckle in 1938 steel units or in 47 white gold units

The collection of Volker with the Piero's L. Marina, pam 1

Volker with the portable electro-signaller (Pag.30 Panerai Historia)

We have also the comics (Pag. 81 Panerai Historia)

Luciano, Francesco and Mario

The collection of Mr. Yellow

Piero, Mario and Ricciardo

Torsten Scharff, Volker Wiegmann and Frank Raiss

Mr. Orange, Mr. Yellow and Mario Paci

The symbols of the Pilots of the Mezzi d’Assalto di Superficie (i barchini esplosivi-the explosive little boats) and of the X Flottiglia Mas

In front of the historic Restaurant Buonamico
(Via S. Andrea 27, tel. 0039/0584-943266) in Viareggio.
(Just in this restaurant, during the II world war, the men from Bocca di Serchio had dinner and the boss at that time, when they spoke among them about -pigs-, thought that they were animal traders)

During the dinner

Mr. Orange, with a pocket Panerai, during the dinner


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