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L. Ferraro. Book + Photos
-Luigi Ferraro, un italiano- is the title of a book published in the december 2000 by the italian journalist specialized in scuba news, Luigi 'Ninì' Cafiero for the publishing house IRECO of Rome, that will join in our Bibliography.
The book tell us the exploits - awarded with the italian gold medal - of one of the most famous 'Uomini Gamma/Gamma's Men' utilized by the Italian Royal Navy during the second world war.
The book - with the format 21x31 cm, cardboarded cover, 210 pages - is enriched with several b/w photos 'at that time' : among these, on page 63, there is just 'the watch Radiomir', on purpose realized for the 'Gamma Swimmers' from the Officine Panerai and preserved still now from the same Comandante Luigi Ferraro (born in Quarto dei Mille (Genoa) in november, 3rd 1914) into his house in Genoa.

The price of the book, available only in italian language, is € 40.00 and may be asked directly to the publishing house IRECO of Rome, by using its e-mail address, ireco@lcnet.it

The book, the Radiomir, ref. 3646, the pin of the -Gamma Swimmer- of Volker Wiegmann-Germany, with the special key for the case-back of the Radiomir, ref. 3646, of L. Ferraro, given free just to him, from the same Volker Wiegmann.

The photo of the Radiomir, ref. 3646, of L. Ferraro with the Radiomir, ever ref. 3646, of Volker Wiegmann.

Unfortunately, the italian gold medal and in the past -Gamma Swimmer-Luigi Ferraro, also founder of the Scuba Diver's Unit of the Italian Fireman -Vigili del Fuoco-, the 7th January 2006 has died in Genoa, at 91 years old.
In the photo, -Gigi- is in the centre with some veterans of the Special Unit -Lagunari- of the Italian Army, located in Venice.

The italian weekly -Panorama-, with the no. 3 January, 19th 2006, in the chapter -La cerimonia degli addii- / The ceremony of farewells, has dedicated an article, written by Damiano Iovino, click here (in italian and in .pdf format)


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