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Club Panerai's HQ

Items (Photos of the October, 1st 2004)

This is the our (with the light blue written CLUB) personalized dial and with the written CLUB PANERAI on the case-back, of the Piero's L. Marina (cert. no. 2) and of the Ricciardo's Luminor (cert. no. 3) both 1998 A) serial

Luminor Marina Club Panerai
Luminor Marina Club Panerai
Piero. Personalized Buckle
Piero. Personalized Strap
Luminor Club Panerai
Luminor Club Panerai

The HQ of the Club Panerai, i. e. the office of Piero
It's from here that we converse with all over the world!

Piero’s Opel -Astra II- (Jul. '99-'09) with, on the back glass, the stickers of the Logo OP and of the Club Panerai

Piero’s Piaggio -Beverly- (Aug. '02) with, on the windscreen, the sticker of the Logo OP

Key holder collar of the Italian National Football Team with the old ardillon buckle OP (1993)

Club Panerai's personalized neck keyholder, realized for the guests of the V Meeting 2005

Italian Navy’s Operator and the bust of Teseo Tesei, made by Bernardo Beltràn-Spain

Italian wine Chianti Classico DOCG, Castello di Fonterutoli with the DVD Panerai (2002)

O. Panerai’s old dials

Wall clock, given free to me by Volker Wiegmann-Germany, with the dial-photo made here in Viareggio (Tuscany), during the III Meeting 2003 of the Club Panerai with, from the left to the right: the italian gold medal E. Bianchi-Scuba Diver, Frank Raiss, Volker Wiegmann and Piero Lapiana

Little model of the Siluro a Lenta Corsa or -Maiale-

Panerai’s poster with the image of the italian gold medal Luigi Ferraro, Gamma’s Swimmer

Photo made in Bocca di Serchio (Tuscany), in may 2004 during the IV Meeting of the Club Panerai with on the left the italian gold medal E. Bianchi-Scuba Diver, by Volker Wiegmann-Germany

Panerai’s laptop case with the badge of Piero for the Geneva-SIHH

Collar key holder of the Italian Navy and of the X Mas Flotilla with the logo of the X Mas Flotilla

Key holder of the divers of the Italian Navy Commandos -Com.Sub.In.-, the pins of the Italian Navy and of the -Com.Sub.In.- with the old ardillon buckle OP (1993)

Panerai’s official clothes

Official clothes of the Scuba Divers Society -Teseo Tesei- of Viareggio (Tuscany)

Little model of one of the trucks of the transport international company -Lapiana Autotrasporti Spa- of my cousin Gian Carlo, located in Trento-Italy

Logo of the Club Panerai (Trade Mark from Oct. 2003)

The Team of the Club Panerai of Viareggio (Tuscany): from the left to the right, Marco Mancini-webmaster, Ricciardo Canova-ideator and Piero Lapiana-international public relations.
The material with the logo of the Club Panerai is not on sale.

Other Items (Photos of the October, 1st  2009)
2 Glashutte Original-D's Accessories (Box for two watches and Magnifying Glass)

Piero's 2 Certificates no. 2 (L. Marina, Pam 1-A) and 721 (Radiomir Base, Pam 210-H)

The official magazines of Blancpain, Breguet and P. Philippe
The Pochette of the Club Panerai
Piero's Bmw -1- (Sep. '09) with the sticker of the Logo OP and the keys also of the scooter

You can see, other interesting photos at the pages L./L. Marina Club Panerai, Piero Lapiana. Boxes, Straps ... and Piero Lapiana. Collection


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