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Launch. Scirč II 2004
Saturday, December 18th 2004, care of the Fincantieri Muggiano (La Spezia-Liguria) Shipyard, has been the ceremony of the launch of the second, the former has been the -Salvatore Todaro- in the 2003, (of the four) submarines of the Type U-212A (upon german project), the new -Scirè- (II)!

Italian technical data of the twim submarine, the -Salvatore Todaro-, taken form the italian newsmagazine -Panorama-

Godmother of the ceremony has been Elisabetta Bianchi, one of the two daughters of the italian gold medal Emilio Bianchi that, just on the December 18th 1941 (the daughter Elisabetta is born in the day 10…) left, with L. Durand de La Penne and others, from the submarine Scirè of the Chief J. V. Borghese for reaching, with their S.L.C./Maiale, the harbour of Alexandria of Egypt .
Were present at the ceremony the german Embassador in Italy and the three Italian Gold Medals: Emilio Bianchi (S.L.C.), Luigi Ferraro (Gamma) and Roberto Frassetto (Explosive Boats).
(The name Scirè became from a resort of the Ethiopia where, in 1936, the Italian Army fighted a famous battle)

The invitation card with the parking-pass of Piero Lapiana-Club Panerai-, for taking part at the ceremony of the Launch

The commemorative silver coin and the special postal stamp

The submarine is still into the shipyard

The Commandos of the Italian Navy, with their dark green camouflage uniform

The Admiral Sergio Biraghi, Italian Navy Chief of Staff

The Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola (a submariner…), Italian Defense Chief of Staff

Now the submarine is outside the hangar

Piero Lapiana with the two daughters of Emilio Bianchi
On the left, Emanuela Bianchi and, on the right, Elisabetta, the godmother of the Launch

The new italian seacarrier -Cavour-, still with the work in progress

- The Scirè (2004). The submarine no. 100 of the Italian Navy:
Lenght, m 55.9
Height, m 12
Crew, 27 (6 officiers)
Standard Displacement, t 1,450

- The Scirè, class 600, serial Adua, launched in 1938 just in this shipyard. Italian Gold Medal:


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