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V Meeting 2005 (Photos + Omeris)

The entrance of the International Artiglio Award, care of the Congress Centre of the -Principe di Piemonte-building, located in the promenade of Viareggio (Tuscany)

The screw and the rudder of the 1st Artiglio, sunked care of Quiberon (France) the 7 December 1930, but only now recovered, after almost 75 years, from the actual Club Sub Artiglio of Viareggio!

Little models of deep scuba diver's helmets, realized by Maurizio Masucci di Sinalunga (Tuscany), www

The resin model of the white shark, utilized in the famous movie of S. Spielberg (Usa)

The historic deep scuba diver's suit, Galeazzi mod., until now utilized for the training from the Ialian Special Unit Com.Sub.In., the Commandos of the Italian Navy and other objects exhibited, ever from the Italian Navy

The display of the Club Panerai, during the exhibition

The personalized neck keyholder of the Club Panerai, given free by us to all the guests of the Meeting

The whole group in Bocca di Serchio (Tuscany) with, in the centre, the italian gold medal Emilio Bianchi (S.L.C.'s Operator)

Emilio Bianchi with Piero Lapiana

Piero Lapiana with Jay Pulli, Usa. That is Club Panerai vs. Paneristi...

The commemorative plate of the Italian Navy, located in the house of Bocca di Serchio

From the left to the right: V. Chiozzi, J. Pulli, R. Ehlers, O. Arpesella (Gamma's Swimmer), D. Gabathuler and E. Dionisio, during the exhibition

From the left to the right: U. Panzeri, J. Pulli, P. Lapiana, F. Raiss, V. Chiozzi, E. Dionisio and, sit down, V. Wiegmann, during the exhibition

Piero with, in the centre Claudio Salvini, boss of the hotel -I Pini-, hq of the Meeting and on the right, Plinio Pratesi, in the past Assault Paratrooper and Scuba Diver, Special Unit -Col Moschin- Brigade -Folgore- of the Italian Army, that find us the minibus for the trip to Bocca di Serchio and, in the hotel, Claudio with Piero and Tom Bartmann with the wife Anita

Claudio with Umberto Panzeri
Claudio, on the wrist, is wearing also the 1940's Panerai's depth-gauge just of Umberto

Frank Raiss with, on the right, Marina Lapiana, the sister of Piero

Alls on the table!

F. Ferretti, O. Panerai's authorized dealer in Montecatini Terme (Tuscany), gives to D. Gabathuler (in the photo) and to V. Wiegmann, the Radiomir (Base mod.), ref. Pam 210, result of the international collect made with Paypal, Euro 2,400.00, happened among saturday 4th and tuesday 7th june 2005, thanks to the forum of paneristi, then to deliver to Omeris Arpesella, Gamma's Swimmer, whom was stolen its Radiomir, ref. 3646, (with the California dial), with the 1942 engraving on the case-back!

P. Lapiana, while is receiving it from V. Wiegmann, with the duty to deliver it, before its 90th birthday (10 August 2005), to O. Arpesella

Friday 10th June 2005 (Holiday of the Italian Navy), P. Lapiana gives the Radiomir (Base mod.), ref. Pam 210 to O. Arpesella
Santa Claus is arrived!
The wall of the room of Omeris
What is?
The happyness!
Thank you!
The gift to Piero from Omeris!

Radiomir ref. 3646. See the cert. no. 126 of Omeris
O. Arpesella, before with its wonderful Radiomir, ref. 3646 and, now, with its new Radiomir, ref. Pam 210

If you want to see the page with the photos of the 90° birthday of Omeris, 10th August 2005, CLICK HERE

The special postal card of the V Meeting, realized from Volker Wiegmann, with the special postal annullation!

If you want to see the page with the programme of the V Meeting, CLICK HERE

Thanks to alls for taking part to this Meeting, the only one Meeting of passionates and collectors where the Company HQ, in spite of our request, that is the O. Panerai in Milan, has not sent neither a catalogue; compliments!
O. Panerai, Marketing & ...Rudeness, Milan-Italy.

The next two rendez-vous for all the people are for saturday 5th November 2005 to the P-DAY 4 care of the hotel -Hilton- in Frankfurt (D) and for saturday 20th May 2006, ever care of the hotel -I Pini- in Lido di Camaiore (Tuscany), for the VI Meeting of the Club Panerai.


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