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Geneva Sihh 2006
Our analysis about the sixteen models of the new 2006 Panerai Collection

Historic Collection:
- PAM 231 Radiomir Base 45mm in rose gold and black -sandwich- dial, 1,000 units.

Contemporary Collection:
- PAM 236 Luminor Chrono Daylight 44mm in steel with bracelet and black dial, 1,000 units;
- PAM 238 Radiomir Gmt Alarm 42mm in rose gold and black dial, 200 units;
- PAM 241 Luminor Power Reserve 40mm in steel and black -Clous de Paris- dial, 800 units;
- PAM 242 Radiomir Gmt 45mm in steel and black dial, 300 units;
- PAM 243 Luminor 1950 Submersible 1000m 44mm in steel and black dial, 500 units;
- PAM 244 Luminor Gmt 40mm in steel and black dial, 800 units;
- PAM 250 Luminor Chrono Daylight 44mm in steel and black dial, 1,000 units;
- PAM 251 Luminor Chrono Daylight 44mm in steel and ivory dial, 300 units.

Manufacture Collection:
- PAM 233 Luminor 1950 Gmt 8 Days 44mm in steel and black -sandwich- dial, 1,500 units.

Special Edition Collection:
- PAM 232 Radiomir 1938 Base 47mm in steel and -sandwich- brown dial, 1,938 units;
- PAM 249 Radiomir 1936 California 47mm in steel and black dial, 1,936 units;
- PAM 262 Radiomir 1936 California 47mm in platinum and brown dial, 50 units;
- PAM 246 Radiomir Chrono 1/8th Second-Foudrayante 45mm in steel and black dial, 300 units;
- PAM 252 Luminor North Pole Gmt 44mm in steel and blue dial, 500 units;
- PAM 253 Luminor 1950 Chrono Flyback Regatta 2006 44mm in steel and black -Clous de Paris- dial, 500 units.

Pam 232. Courtesy by Paneristi
Pam 249. Courtesy by Paneristi
Pam 249. Courtesy by Paneristi
Pam 249. Courtesy by Paneristi
Pam 249. Courtesy by Paneristi

Consequently, also the Pam 232, 249, 262 and the two new L. E. 2006, Pam 247 Radiomir (Base) and Pam 248 Luminor Marina, for the 20th anniversary of F. Ferretti, will be accepted from us, for the registration to the Club...

While, the following eight models, of the previous Contemporary Collection, are out of the market (Discontinued Models):
- Pam 087 Luminor Submersible 1000m 44mm in steel;
- Pam 125 Luminor Power Reserve 40mm in steel;
- Pam 159 Luminor Gmt 40mm in steel;
- Pam 180 Luminor Marina 44mm in white gold;
- Pam 184 Radiomir Gmt 42mm in steel;
- Pam 186 Luminor Arktos Gmt 44mm in steel;
- Pam 188 Luminor Chrono Daylight 44mm in steel and white dial;
- Pam 196 Luminor Chrono Daylight 44mm in steel and black dial.

Finally, in april 2007 in Geneva, will be introduced also the new Luminor Submersible Depth Gauge (in 600 units?) with the aut. mov. OP XV cal., the 47mm titanium case and the (electronic) depth-gauge tested until 120m in depth.

Photos taken from the no. 199 of the italian monthly Orologi of the june 2006

2006-7 Price List, click here


Lights (few) and shadows (many) in the new 2006 Panerai Collection!
Very beautiful are the Radiomir Base in rose gold and the three -historic- Special Edition, even if we should prefer to present the R. 1938 in the 2008 (the market has not yet -digested- the R. Base 45mm…), while the two R. California why have the writtens California on the rehaut at 12 o’clock and Opus Facere among the loops? Don’t be better to write, among the loops, Panerai in one side and Radiomir in the other with the dial without the written California, that has not any historic meaning (like Black Seal)?
In fact, the two -historic- Radiomir will be produced in 1,936 and in 1,938 units, while the written California, will be deleted from the dial in the two normal models, Pam 249 and 262, that will be availables on the market, from the end of the 2006...
The L. Chrono Daylight is ok with the bracelet, but we shall like to change the shape of the hands and the numerals of the ivory dial, that is rectangular instead of circular, like them of the new black dial model.
The L. 1950 Submersible 1000m would be better with the dial of the normal-, instead it of the -normal- 300m, because the rectangular numerals are better than the circular ones.
The L. 1950 Gmt 8 Days, apart the display of the power reserve -balance- type, innovative but ugly, the 1950 Fiddy case is better at 47mm, while the written 8 Days might be changed and written in italian and fully, that is ottogiorni and then we don’t believe about the history of the 100% Panerai in-house movement…; for us it’s on a Jaeger Le Coultre basis.
Of the L. North Pole Gmt, we like very much only the case-back, while is very beautiful the R. Chrono 1/8th Second-Foudrayante, even if we have ever some doubts about the affidability of the movement, considered the problems that Panerai has already had, now and in the past, with similar complications, like with the L. 1950 Chrono/R. Chrono Rattrapante.
The L. Gmt e and the Power Reserve, the R. Gmt and the Alarm Gmt are uglies, even if, for the two Luminor models, the dial taken from the two 44mm models is better than it of the two previous models of 40mm.
The new system for changing the strap, without the use of the screwdriver, we find that is very interesting...
Finally the Ferrari Collection: only the two Chronographs might be interesting, the others are uglies, but the history and the value of the brand (Ferrari is not a watchmaker) is not equivalent with the requested price and for us it’s a project born in the Richemont Group not from the C.E.O. A. Bonati…

For the future
In the next years, ever according us, that already in the 2004…, apart more and more models with the bracelet, with the 1950 44mm Fiddy case and with new colours of the dial, we might to wait for the Luminor 1950 47mm (Base and Destro), the Mare Nostrum 45mm?, the Radiomir 47mm with the horn loops (Vintage ref. 6152-6154) and with the third dial, after the nicknamed California and the -sandwich- classic one (Vintage ref. 2533) as here below showed:


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