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VI Meeting 2006 (Com.Sub.In.)
After have alreday visited, in the 2003, in the 2004 and in the 2005, the -old farm house- in Bocca di Serchio (Tuscany), secret training centre of the X Flottiglia Mas during the second world war, this year, thanks to the special authorisation of the Italian Navy, will visit the HQ of their Commandos!

Francesco, Piero, Simone, Umberto, Jacopo and Fausto are ready to start from the hotel with the minibus,
for visiting the HQ of the Commandos of the Italian Navy, located in Le Grazie (La Spezia, Liguria)

The plate of the G.O.I., the Commandos' special unit of the Com.Sub.In.

We are now with the Lieutenant Armando Luongo (with the mimetic suit) and the 1st Warrant-Officier Mirko Zaia

in the Cala Scuola Subacquei with Volker, the Helmet Diver..., Piero, Diego, Graham, Francesco, Fausto and Eng

Piero, Diego, Galo and Eng stay among the scuba suits

An old ystem to simulate the evacuating from the submersible

The Panerai's training pool (1960's, unique unit) used still now for the training of the cadets,

but also from Mario (who joins us, later, into the Cala Scuola Subacquei from the main entrance,
see with a Com.Sub.In.'s soldier in a powerful scooter 50...)

and Piero for a beautiful dive...

Thay have known of the Meeting and of our visit and so they have made this surprise?
No, that morning, were also the yearly Meeting of the Italian Navy Commandos' veterans!
An helicopter AB 412 is landing in the heliport of the HQ, also this one realized from the Panerai (1970's)
and it is also the biggest that has never been made from their

Inside the Historic Museum

Where there is -casino- (amusement) there is the friend Carlo Ruggeri from Viareggio!
Carlo Ruggeri in a famous photo of the past!
Diego and Volker with the Scuba Diver Mario Nardin

Mario Nardin, in the centre, in a famous photo of the past!
and -its- Radiomir, ref. 3646 of the 1940, belonged to the Italian Gold Medal Licio Visintini

Also the Hyundai -Atos- is among the equipment of the Commandos!

The Italian Gold Medal Roberto Frassetto (Esplosive Boats) with the Officier of the Commandos of the Italian Navy, Volker and Vanni

Inside the HQ Main Room, the S.L.C. utilized in Gibraltar in the 1940's with, behind, the photos of the all Italian Gold Medals of the X Flottiglia Mas (Tesei, Durand de La Penne, Borghese, Pedretti, Giobbe, Bianchi etc..)

Piero, who wears the rubber bracelet of Paneristi, with the gift of the Club Panerai,
the dial, that has been realized by Volker, for the Chief of the Commandos

and its gift, an interesting book of about 100 pages on the history of the Building and of the Commandos

Piero and Volker, with the Chief of the Com.Sub.In., the Admiral Marzano

Finally, in this photo, made in the parade ground inside the HQ of the Commandos of the Italian Navy, Com.Sub.In.-T. Tesei, located in Le Grazie, near La Spezia, there are some of the participants at the VI Meeting Club Panerai and that is:
Simone Sgreccia, Mario Paci, Eng Tai-Usa, Ermes Dionisio, Vanni Chiozzi, Fausto Bulleri, Galo Valdes Marin-Spain (Mundo Panerai), Diego Gabathuler-Switzerland, Piero Lapiana, Jacopo Vannini, Volker Wiegmann-Germany, Graham Denton-England, Francesco Ferretti and Umberto Panzeri with the 1st Warrant Officier of the Commandos-Com.Sub.In., Mirko Zaia, thanks to him, we have been able to can make this visit.

Mirko with Piero

After the coming back at the hotel I Pini in Lido di Camaiore (Tuscany), in the afternoon, starts the exhibition.
With the friend Filippo who, as you can see, is a supporter of Schwarzy...

His Highness Mario with Ricciardo!

In the main room of the hotel

Piero with his sister Marina and Volker

The Luminor Slytech-Daylight, ref. 5218-207/a, with the blue index.
Probably only 11 units of this model have been made

The vintage (1950's) Luminor, ref. 6152, of Mario

The vintage helmet for diver (1960's) of Mirko

Ermes, Piero, Jacopo, Mario, Fausto and Ricciardo

Umberto on its Harley Davidson -883-

Graham and Volker, with the helmet..., on the Harley Davidson -883- of Umberto

The display of Fausto
of Piero
Piero Piero
of Jacopo (Manifatture Firenze)
Umberto with the new watch, with the 44mm brushed-polished steel case, the screwed case-back and the Eta 2824/2 automatic movement that, just from this year, is officially supplied like equipment of the Underwater Men and of the Commandos of the Italian Navy; the -MMT500- (Marina Militare Tested 500m), here in the -military- version (100 units tested and guaranteed until 500m (50atm-1600ft) of depth and the screwed case-back is engraved with the number of the individual scuba licence of every Italian Navy Scuba Diver Commandos) while, from the fall 2006, will be available also for the public the MMT500 in the -civilian- version, created and realized from himself and that will be distribuited in all over the the world, just by Umberto Panzeri, Viareggio (Tuscany)!

The special postcard of the VI Meeting, created by Mario, with the postal stamp and
the commemorative stamp for the 145th anniversary of the Italian Navy
Click here (In .pdf format, kb 148 for 1 page in an A4 format)

Closed the exhibition, alls to have dinner, ever in the hotel.
Umberto, Ricciardo and Claudio, the boss of the hotel

The Trade Director of the Zonin Group, that offered us the wines for the dinner, with Claudio and Piero,
both Sommelier Fisar of the Versilia Department

Francesco, Luciano and Simona

Galo, Graham and Michael

Piero with the copy of the special plate for Omeris, given free to him from Volker and Diego

and now..., good appetite!

We have to say thank you, to the Officine Panerai of Milan, for the t-shirts of their -Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge- (See 2006 Edition) sent to us, the editorial house Argò of Rome of the specialized monthly -L'Orologio-, for their Almanacs 2005 sent us and for the publication, at page 20 in the number 148 of June 2006, of a short article about the Meeting

Simona Di Stefano (Simona Straps) and the Manifatture Firenze for the items sent us, the Zonin Group for the wines offered us at the dinner of saturday and Claudio Salvini, the boss of the hotel, for its availability.

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