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VII Meeting 2007 (B. di Serchio)(Com.Sub.In.)

See also (Programme) + (Photo-Reports) and (Hotel) (E. Bianchi).


Thursday, 17th May 2007 (Arrival in the Hotel)

Diego, are you arrived without car?

P. Lapiana-I, J. Rohericht-D, R. Ehlers-D, G. Denton-GB and Diego G.-CH.

Dinner in the hotel -I Pini-, Piero Lapiana, Chief of the Club Panerai and manager of the Meeting, with the first guests arrived...and a nice Chianti Classico Docg (I'm also a Sommelier FISAR - Dept. Versilia).


Friday, 18th May 2007 (Bocca di Serchio)

The famous -old farm house-, secret training center, during the second world war, of the S.L.C.'s operators of the Italian Navy, the-maiali- (pigs), near the Serchio's river (among Pisa and Viareggio).

The commemorative plate of the Italian Navy, issued for the 50th anniversary of the 1941's Alexandria of Egypt action.


Saturday, 19th May 2007 (Com.Sub.In.)

 After the permission of the Italian Navy for the visit (it's not easy...), with a mini bus, like for Bocca di Serchio, we'll go to the Varignano to visit their HQ located in Le Grazie (near La Spezia).

Of course, they permit us to visit only some buildings and to make and publish only some photos. We thanks both the same Comando Com.Sub.In. and both the UAGRE Office, care of the Palazzo della Marina Militare in Rome, for the extraordinary permission allowed us.

The main -square- of the building of the Italian Navy's Commandos: Raggr. to Subacquei e Incursori della Marina Militare -Com.Sub.In.-, entitled to the italian gold medal (M.O.V.M). T. Tesei.



The same plate in Bocca di Serchio, is also here at the Varignano.

The plate of the G.O.I., the Commandos Units of the Com.Sub.In.


Inside the Historic Room. From the left to the right: V. Wiegmann-D, O. Arpesella-I (1913) (in the past -Gamma's Swimmer-) and U. Panzeri-I (Official Supplier of the watches MMT500 both to the Scuba Units and both to the same Commandos Units of the Italian Navy).

V. Wiegmann with a member of the Commandos of the Italian Navy, both with the MMT500, i. e. what is written in the web-site, it's true!

(The other two very similar brands are arrived after in the market, but they don't supply the Italian Navy...).

The 1st Warrant-Officier M. Zaia, while is showing us the equipments in the Hyperbaric Room.

(Owner of an actual Radiomir, ref. Pam 210 and of an historic Radiomir, ref. 6152, now sold).

Other technical instruments for deepest scuba divings (until 300m).


 Care of the Cala Scuola Subacquei (Scuba Diving School).


The ship Piave, now dismissed, used for training.

Another boat, but this one with the logo of T. Tesei, just of the Com.Sub.In.

Other buildings inside the Varignano.

Inside the Sala Comando, where is housed the office of the Chief, the Admiral Marzano.

The bust of Teseo Tesei and the pictures of the other gold medals (medaglie d'oro). 

The gift of the Chief, the Admiral Marzano, to the Club Panerai. The S.LC.'s (lead chromium-plated) model with the personalized plate of the -Com.Sub.In.- and the signature of the same Admiral.

The Arsenale of the Italian Navy and the  Museo Tecnico Navale (Naval Technical Museum) in La Spezia.

The bust of T. Tesei, exhibited inside the Museo Tecnico Navale

 and the Radiomir PANERAI, ref. 3646, of E. Notari, exhibited in the Museo Tecnico Navale.


Now, after the visit, we have the lunch inside the Sub-Officiers Circle of the Italian Navy in La Spezia, entitled to the italian gold medal (M.O.V.M.) G. Agnes.

O. Arpesella, V. Chiozzi and U. Panzeri, during the lunch.


In the centre, P. Lapiana with O. Arpesella and the 4 Com.Sub.In.'s soldier: the Captain Attilio Sbordoni (Chief of the Study's Office), the 1st Warrant-Officier Mirko Zaia, the Lieu-Tenant Armando Luongo and the Warrant-Officier Fabrizio Agrifogli, that have lunched with us.

The interesting rings of O. Arpesella, in the past -Gamma's Swimmer- of the XMas Flotilla.




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