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P-Day 6, 2007. Hamburg (D)

This year, the 2007's edition of the P-Day, the 6th, managed by the -Foghorn Events- of Paneristi-Germany V. Wiegmann-F. Raiss-T. Bartmann-T. Grothe and R. Ehlers, has been held saturday 20th October in Hamburg (D).

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(From the site Paneristi)

Photo-Reports by V. Wiegmann-D: Part I - Part II - Part III (final) and Jay Pulli-USA.


Ralph Ehlers (right) and Volker Wiegmann (left), the authors of the book -Vintage Panerai-, while are giving a copy of the book to Piero Lapiana

Inside the hotel -Baseler Hof- of Hamburg, the HQ of the P-Day 6

With the -prof.- Jay Pulli (Paneristi) and the watchmaker Umberto Panzeri (Rolex Ass. ce/Viareggio-I and MMT500 Watch)

Mirko Zaia and Eng Tay

Mirko Zaia and Piero Lapiana

With Vanni Chiozzi and Eng Tay, in the touristic double-decker bus

With Jacopo Vannini and Vanni Chiozzi, visiting the ex-Soviet Union Submarine U-434

During the tour in the motor-boat on the Elba river

(Photos by Marco Gigantesco, Livorno-I)

At the entrance of the Groeninger Brewery


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