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Book -Vintage Panerai. Watches with History-, I ed. 2007 and II ed. 2012. By R. Ehlers and V. Wiegmann

This book, that comprehensively documents some historic Panerai watches and their pasts, from June 2012, is now available, in an updated and corrected version, with the following II Edition No. 1:

"This book documents the stories of three german “Kampfschwimmer” units, their training in Italy and northern Germany, their missions at the eastern front in the last weeks of the 2nd world war, followed by the story of the commander of the italian submarine “Ambra” Mario Arillo who delivered the "SLC" and "Gamma" units to their target zones at the harbours of northern Africa. These four personal stories are building the columns of moving chapters together with detailed views on their watches, using latest extracts of the authors’ database of today existing Vintage Panerai watches. Almost two years of intensive research, diary extracts, interviews with the veterans, combined with more than 250 historical photos, maps, documents from allied secret services and 30 illustrations are writing Panerai’s unique history. 26 x 26 cm, 420 pages, trilingual (= german, italian and english language, in one book), hardback jacket and slipcase, at Euro 189.00".

Info: www.vintage-panerai.de and volker@vintage-panerai.de

© 2012 Ralf Ehlers & Volker Wiegmann (Germany).

Cod. ISBN: 978-3-00-037637-5


Also the following I edition of this book, comprehensively documented five historic Panerai watches and their pasts. From June 2013 on, is available the vol. No. 2 of the II edition.

Complete with rare information on their original Italian and German owners, the book details the training and assignments of combat swimmers, i. e. the -frogmen-, as well as the extensive array of combat swimmer’s equipment:

So different are these five watches, that it is a truly fascinating journey to dive into the histories of these amazing timepieces.

A book by collectors, for collectors.

The last section of the first chapter, is relative to the Panerai watch, Luminor model with reference 6152/1 and matriculation no. 124537, belonged to the Italian Navy Gold Medal (M.O.V.M.) Mario Arillo, as in the Certificate no. 96/M. Equip. of this site, that now belong just to one of the authors of the book, Volker Wiegmann.

Info: www.vintage-panerai.de and volker@vintage-panerai.de

© 2007 Ralf Ehlers & Volker Wiegmann (Germany).

Code ISBN: 978-3-00-022218-4
21.5 x 21.5 cm format, 228 pages (approx 1 kg...) in 3 chapters (The 5 historic watches-The differences among them and The equipment of the -frogmen-) and trilingual (english, german and italian) 202 illustrations, whom 147 actuals and 55 historics.
Hardback jacket.

The I ed. of the book was available from October 2007 to May 2012 at Euro 79.00 (Payment only by international bank transfer), plus worldwide shipping fees (Germany, about Euro 7.00-Europe, about Euro 13.00 and Overseas, about Euro 23.00).

Ralf Ehlers (right) and Volker Wiegmann (left), while are giving a copy of the I ed. of the book to Piero Lapiana of the Club Panerai, during the P-Day 6 (Hamburg-D, October 2007)

 I've already read it and i can say that it's magnific, so my compliments both to the two authors and both to Simona Di Stefano-Florence/I and Fabio Castellani-Sanremo/I, because they have made the translation in the italian version.

I have already obtained, in a quickly way, the translations of the three Rolex's letters, published in the book and addressed to Ralf E. and Volker W. and these below are their meanings:

- Letters of the 7-19-2007 and of the 8-17-2007 to Ralf:
"According the documents sent from Ralf and the documents of the same Rolex, the four Radiomir Panerai ref. 3646, has been made in 1942-1944 and belonged to their supply to the firm Panerai of Florence, in the 1940's.
These letters, however, are not valid like an official statement of the genuinity of the same watches, also because they (Rolex) can't see them -live-."

- Letter of the 4-10-2007 to Volker:
"According the documents sent from Volker and the documents of the same Rolex, the Luminor Panerai ref. 6152-1, has been made in 1955 and belonged to their supply to the firm Panerai of Florence, in the 1940's.
This letter, however, is not valid like an official statement of the genuinity of the watch, also because they (Rolex) can't see the watch -live-."

For more info, click here (Official Site) and here (Paneristi Site, Accessories Corner) - (Paneristi Site, Accessories Corner 1st update) - (Paneristi Site, Accessories Corner 2nd update) and (Paneristi Site, Accessories Corner, last update) or contact Volker Wiegmann-D: 

Info: www.vwmann.de and volker@vintage-panerai.de


 See also the second book, Ed. May 2009 -Vintage Panerai. The References-





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