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VIII Meeting 2008 (Photos)

The new two 2008's Catalogues (Coll. and Manifattura), nicely sent us from Panerai's HQ-Milan



Friday 16th May 2008

1) Deliver of the book -Vintage Panerai-, from the german authors Volker Wiegmann and Ralf Ehlers, to the -T. Tesei- Com.Sub.In. (Italian Navy's Commandos'HQ) in Le Grazie


The Parade Ground of the Navy's Commandos HQ and the plate of the G.O.I. Unit

The Bell, at the entrance of the Admiral's Room

See also an interesting 4 pages article about the Italian Navy's Commandos (.pdf) (Italian Language)

We are next to the Admiral's Room....


Piero Lapiana with the Commander of the Navy's Commandos, the 1st Admiral Donato Marzano, who is wearing the watch MMT500...

Some Board-Instruments (Air Pump, Periscope and Compass) of the Italian Navy's Submarine Scirè

Inside the entrance of the Admiral's Room...

Simona Di Stefano

and the whole group


2) Deliver of the book -Vintage Panerai- to the Technical Naval Museum in La Spezia

Coming back from the Commandos, we find the 2nd Commander of the Italian Navy's Training Boat Vespucci

The authors of the book, Ralf Ehlers and Volker Wiegmann, with the Director of the Naval Museum, the C. V. Camaiora

The whole group in font of the Arsenale Militare


The Panerai of our guide in the Museum, the journalist Alberto Menichetti (upon, on the left)

The watch has, on the dial, the Marina Militare written upon and Officine Panerai below!

Inside the Museum...

One of the cylinders, where was stored the S.L.C., of the Italian Navy's Submarine Scirè

The Wall dedicated to the crews of all the Italian Navy's Submarines (The -Sommergibilisti-)

The Panerai's Autobright Path

The Special Scissors for cutting the nets

The Panerai Radiomir belonged to the Italian Navy's Admiral Ernesto Notari

The S.L.C. in the Museum


3) Deliver of the book -Vintage Panerai- to the Italian Gold Medal Mario Arillo's family in Portovenere

The crest of the Submarine Ambra, which just Mario Arillo has been the Commander

The Panerai Luminor next to the image of the 1st owner, just Mario Arillo

Umberto Panzeri and Simona Di Stefano on the -little train...-

Volker Wiegmann with the daughter of Mario (Maria Cristina Arillo) and her family

Piero Lapiana gives to Maria Cristina Arillo a special frame with Volker Wiegmann

Finally, all together at dinner!

The Panerai Luminor Marina Militare no. 003, ref. 5218-202/a (and never used...), given for free in 1993 from the Panerai-Florence to the Mario Arillo's family!


Saturday 17th May 2008

1) Deliver of the book -Vintage Panerai- to the Italian Navy's Academy in Livorno

The back-side of the main building of the Naval Academy with the Parade Ground and the Brigantine




Marco Mancini (Club Panerai's Webmaster) and Piero Lapiana with the 2nd Commander of the Naval Academy, the C. V. Alberto Bianchi and the 1st Doctor, Marco Gigantesco

Here, on the left, with Volker Wiegmann


The models of the same Academy and of the Italian Navy's Training Boat A. Vespucci

One of the Flags of every 1st year training Course of the Naval Academy

The Room with the Flags

The oldest flag (1940) in this Room, is dedicated to the Shark (but to F. Ferretti also?)

Note: The flag will be not removed from this Room until almost one Cadet at that Course, will be still living!

F. Ferretti is with the 1st Doctor of the Academy, Marco Gigantesco. Thanks to him, we have had the permission for the visit, so the Club Panerai and the guests of the Meeting says -thank you- to him.

The Room with the (fantastic) Fore-Bridge Simulator. Has been simulated the entrance at the Taranto's harbour

The Room with the Meteo

and the Room with the Planetary

It's lunch time, care of the Sub-Officers Circle. The Club Panerai says -thanks you- both to Capo Costantini and both to the personnel of the same Circle, for their collaboration.

But also the cats are allowed in the Naval Academy?



2) The little Exhibition and, then, the Dinner, care of the Hotel -I Pini- in Lido di Camaiore

Some Panerai's Objects

The Panerai 44mm Luminor PVD yellow gold, realized from Panerai-Florence, for A. Schwarzenegger

The Aiming Device for Patrol Boats

Asi with the Special Scissors: do you want to challenge him?


The book of Volker and Ralf, with the VIII Club Panerai Meeting official signature's sheet

and our gift to Hammer: This Italian Navy's Polo, bought in the Academy, with our signatures...

Yes, just to Hammer...

We are very vicious (Watches, Spirits, Tobaccos and Cards)! But where are the girls?

Of course we need the fuel (the wine). This year is the Rocca di Montemassi (Maremma/Tuscany)

The -sisters- Benedetta and Simona...

And, finally, we have dinner all together!


See also the 5 Photo-Reports, published on paneristi, by V. Wiegmann/D:

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 + Part 5 and that by V. Chiozzi/I

See also the page with the Programme of the VIII Meeting. Click here

Two photos, sent us from the Ing. Mario Paci, of the deck of the Sea-Carrier -Cavour-, the new Battle Flagship of the Italian Navy, which its instrument lights has been realized just by Panerai Sistemi, Calzoni Group-Bologna/I, where he works...


Finally, a short index of the previous events...

The Club Panerai, first web site in the world (May, 1st 2000) dedicated exclusively to the Panerai's watches, in April 2001, has managed, first in the world also, the I Meeting of the members of the Club and of the passionates of the Panerai's wayches...

Meeting 2001 and 2002: -Only- care of the Hotel -I Pini- of Claudio Salvini

Meeting 2003: In Viareggio, at the International Artiglio Award

Meeting 2004: In La Spezia, at the Naval Technical Museum 

Meeting 2005: In Bocca di Serchio, with the Italian Gold Medal, Emilio Bianchi

Meeting 2006 and 2007: In Le Grazie, at the HQ of the Italian Navy's Commandos

Here with the Gamma's Swimmer Omeris Arpesella

Meeting 2008: In Livorno, at the Italian Navy's Academy

Meeting 2009: What else?


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