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IX Meeting 2009 (Programme)

Saturday, 16th May 2009, care of the Hotel -I Pini-, in Lido di Camaiore-I (Tuscany, next to Viareggio), has been the IX Meeting of the Club Panerai, reserved only to the members of the Club.*
- Saturday, 16th May 2009:
Visit, with a mini-bus, care of the Arsenale Militare in La Spezia, at the Italian Navy's Training Ship -Palinuro- (Italian Navy's Maridipart Aut. no. 11617 of the 3/6 and no. 23476 of the 5/13/2009) and, to follow, the lunch at the local Sub-Officiers Circle of the same Italian Navy;


Dinner, care of the Hotel, with the wines offered by the Italian Group -Zonin-.

Finally, during the Meeting, has been also the official introduction of the new book: -Vintage Panerai. The References-, the second written by Ralf Ehlers-D and Volker Wiegmann-D (see also: -Vintage Panerai. Watches with history-) and dedicated to the whole classification of over 200 vintage Panerai watches still in existence today, by the analysis of 34 vintage Panerai watches, with all the references and the prototypes!

Note 1: In this period, until 30th Aug. 2009, there is also an interesting Exhibition in Florence-I, housed in Palazzo Strozzi, about G. Galilei and his instruments. We remember that O. Panerai is linked also with some Events in the world, dedicated to the 400th anniversary of his astronomical observations.
(See this book, Giunti Ed.-Florence-I, code ISBN: 978-88-09-05937-5).

Note2 : Care of the Boatyard -Del Carlo- in Viareggio, there are the restoration works of the 1936's Ocean Cruiser -Eilean- (a 25.6 m bermudas ketch, built at the Boatyard -Fife- in Farlie (Scotland): the name -Eilean- means, in the scottish language, little island) bought in the 2006 by A. Bonati, C.E.O. O. Panerai and its delivery will be in the summer 2009. See also the Official Press Review.

Note 3: Mon. 9th Feb. 2009, during the swearing-in Ceremony of 8 new Commandos (G.O.I.), whom 2 Officiers, of the Special Unit -Com.Sub.In.- of the Italian Navy in Le Grazie (La Spezia), the President of the Chamber of the Italian Parliament, G. Fini and the Italian Minister of the Defense, I. La Russa, said that, finally, the Bocca di Serchio's Area (Pisa), is now under the direct control of the Italian Navy, so anybody can sell or rebuild the -farm house-, without the permission of the same Italian Navy...

Click also here (Italian language)


(Italian Navy's Official WebSite. Ceremony)

The 2009's Calendar of the Commandos (Com.Sub.In.) of the Italian Navy

From the left to the right, the Italian Minister of the Defense, I. La Russa and the President of the Chamber of the Italian Parliament, G. Fini

RAI Edu: The episode dedicated to the Royal Italian Navy's mission in the harbour of Alexandria-Egypt (Dec. 1941) (From the Italian State Television)

 - Hotel Booking (Bookings Closed):
Write to Claudio Salvini, info@clubipini.com
(Object: Meeting Club Panerai 2009);
Single room, b/b, Euro 80.00 per day;
Double room, b/b, Euro 110.00 per day per room;
Double room-single use, b/b, Euro 90.00 per day per room
Triple room, b/b, Euro 140.00 per day per room;
Every room has the safe and the animals are allowed;
Dinner of Saturday 16th, Euro 40.00 each;
Note: Will be not made, in the Hotel, the public exhibition with the displays.

- Events Booking (Bookings Closed):
Write to Piero Lapiana, info@clubpanerai.com
(Object: Meeting Club Panerai 2009).

Where we are...
Lido di Camaiore, is located among Viareggio and Marina di Pietrasanta, in the Versilia's Area (Tuscany). The closer Railways Station is Viareggio (km 3), on the connection Rome-Genoa or with the direct connection from Florence S.M.N., the closer Motorway Exit (km 1) is, ever, Viareggio, both on the Motorways no. 11 (A11 Florence-Lucca-Viareggio) and both on the no. 12 (A12 Livorno-Genoa), while the closer International Airport is Pisa -G. Galilei- (km 30).
(For the people who comes from USA, there is a direct flight, from New York (JFK) Airport just to Pisa (PSA) Airport, with Delta Airlines)

Pics of Viareggio
Visit the Official Site, for Viareggio and Versilia, of the Tuscany's Tourism Agency.

*Only to the guests, will be sent the fully programme. 
If you want to see the event, see the page Photos.


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