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U. Panzeri-Viareggio (Italy). Panerai's Vintage Watches Servicing and Repairing
Umberto Panzeri, owner of a Rolex Authorized Assistance Centre, makes servicing and repairing also of the Panerai vintage watches, Radiomir and Luminor mod., both with the Rolex-Cortebert cal. 618 and both with the Angelus cal. 240 mvt., as you can see in these photos...

a) The servicing of the Luminor Panerai, ref. 6152, 1950's, registered to the Club with the cert. no. 749

b) The servicing of the Luminor Panerai, ref. 6152-1,1950's, registered to the Club with the cert. no. 96

c) The servicing of the Radiomir Panerai, ref. 3646, 1940's, published in the book Vintage Panerai

(Before and After the servicing...)


This, finally, is a small trunk, which contents has been appreciated from all the Panerai's collectors present at the P-Day 7 (24-25 Oct. 2008) in Frankfurt-D!


The contents of the small trunks is: Some Panerai's buckles Gpf 2/56 type, some leather stripes, at that time utilized just from Panerai, from which has been obtained some straps of 26mm (i. e., only for the models with the 47mm case) and some emblems of the X Flottiglia Mas.

Also the book -Vintage Panerai-, has a chapter, the 2nd (click here), to the work, already appreciated from many collectors of vintage Panerai in the world, just of Umberto Panzeri!


 Umberto PANZERI
Born in September, 7th, 1950 in Villa Guardia (Como-I).
Working experiences:
From 1966 to 1976 has worked as apprentice and watchmaker in the towns of Villa Guardia (Como-I) and in Chiasso (CH);
Since 1976 he owns a watch-repairer’s technical assistance workshop in Viareggio-I, called “O.P.V./Officine Panzeri Viareggio”;
Now, he sells and has the technical assistance of the watch -MMT500/O.P.V.-, supplied like official equipment of the Italian Navy's Commandos Unit, Com.Sub.In. -Teseo Tesei.

Qualifying courses:
1979: course on Anglo electronic watchmaking;
1980: course on Ebauches S. watch movements in Neuchatel (CH);
1982: Asuag seminar on quartz watches technology;
1983: course on Citizen electronic and mechanical modules.
Professional titles:
Expert technician in watchmaking qualified at Wostep watchmaking school in Neuchatel (CH);
Technical assistance centre in watchmaking authorized by Rolex Italy in Milan (I);
Expert technician in watchmaking, registered at the Lucca’s Italian Chamber of Commerce;
Expert technician in watchmaking, registered at the Lucca’s Italian Court.

-O.P.V./Officine Panzeri Viareggio-
Via Fratti, 118
Tel. + Fax 0039/058449606 (Gmt + 1, W. H.)


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