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Book -Panerai Watches from 1993 to 1997-. By M. Paci
Sun. 29th November 2009 at 11 a.m. (Gmt +1), care of the international -Patrizzi & Co.- Auctioneers’ HQ, housed in Milan-I, in Via Monte di Pietà no. 24, official pre-launching of the new set of the following two books:
"Panerai in Florence", written by Dino Zei and the new "Panerai Watches from 1936 to 1997", written by Mario Paci, both availables in italian-english.

Click here (Launching Cover .pdf)

The first book -Panerai of Florence-, now in the 2nd edition with the title "Panerai in Florence", already known, is written by Dino Zei with more than 300 pages and many photos, is now available with some corrections and updates.
The second book, with the title “Panerai Watches from 1936 to 1997”, is written by Mario Paci with more than 400 pages and many photos, is divided in two chapters:
The first chapter, is dedicated to the -Vintage- watches, while the second, is dedicated to the -Pre/Vendome- ones, with many curiosities never seen before.

Finally, a whole chapter of this second book, is dedicated to us of the Club Panerai!

The price of the fully set of two books for overall 780 pages, edited by Mondani in 1,500 numbered copies, in a large format (25.5 x 31.5 cm) and in a luxury edition, is of Euro 480.00, international worldwide shipping fees included.


Info about the fully set: Click here - Click here and Click here

Info about the fully set: Click here (Press Release .pdf)


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