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XII Meeting 2012(Photos)

Club Panerai thanks the Officine Panerai HQ in Milan-I for all the promotional items sent for the XII Meeting (nautical bag, t-shirt, cap and table calendar Panerai -Classic Yacht Challenge-), Sergio Luiz Gallo (Ecoside, San Paulo-Brazil) for the the personalized bloc-note and small bag -Club Panerai-, Fabrizio Ciampi (Cuoierie Meccaniche Brelli, Castelfiorentino-Italy) for the leather strap with the personalized buckle -Club Panerai- and with the written -Nave Bersagliere- engraved on the back of the same strap and Mario Paci (MP Straps, Florence-Italy) for the postcard of the XII Meeting, given free to the guests.




 Radiomir ref. 3646

Luminor ref. 6152-1

The photo, at the end of our visit, in La Spezia-I, of the Italian Navy's Battle Ship -Nave Bersagliere-

Piero Lapiana (Club Panerai) with the Officer of -Nave Bersagliere-, while are giving each other the Crest of the Ship and the Plate of the Club Panerai.

From the Forum www.paneristi.com, the photo-report of Peter Ernst Dobmeier-D

and the three photo-reports of V. Wiegmann-D:

Part I. Thu. 3rd May.

Part II. Fri. 4th May.

Part III. Sat. 5th May.


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