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XIV Meeting 2014 (Photos) + Official Strap On Sale
Also for this XIV edition, the O. Panerai send us these four promotional items for the guests (Guide Florence, Cap + T-Shirt Panerai C. Y. Challenge and Catalogue Chrono 2014: we thanks Camilla Gandino-O. Panerai Milan-I). See XIV Meeting 2014 (Programme)

while the Gifts of the Club Panerai for the guests of this XIV edition has been made by Sergio Luiz Gallo of the Ecoside (Sao Paulo-BRA) with a white Polo, 50% Pet and 50% Cotton, personalized XIV Meeting and the logo Club Panerai,
by Ruggero Buzzetti (Milan-I) of the Italian Forum, Panerai Section, -Orologi & Passioni- with a wall Clock Marina Militare Luminor Panerai dial styled, then given free, with a lottery during the final dinner, to Jens R. (Germany)
by Andrea Polverini of the Manifatture Firenze (Sesto Fiorentino-I) with some type of leather Straps for the Luminor mod. 44mm
and by Fabrizio Ciampi of the Cuoierie Meccaniche Brelli (Castelfiorentino-I) with two types of leather Straps, one of them (on sale on-line) with the shape and the written -Nave Libeccio- engraved, both for the Luminor mod. 44mm.

Post-Card: Click here (by Mario Paci, .pdf).

Here are the pics of Sat. 10 May 2014 about the visit of the Italian Navy's battle ship Nave -Libeccio- care of the Arsenale Navale in La Spezia, the visit of the Italian Navy's Commandos HQ -Com.Sub.In.- in Le Grazie, the lunch care of the Rest. -Della Baia- ever in Le Grazie and of the final dinner, care of the Hotel -I Pini- in Lido di Camaiore, location of the XIV Meeting Club Panerai, with the delivery of the gadgets to the partecipants.
The visit of the battle ship Nave -Libeccio- care of the Arsenale Navale in La Spezia

Piero with the friend Frank F. (Australia)

Piero and Rita

Piero with the 2nd Commander of Nave -Libeccio-, with the plate of the Club Panerai gift to the Italian Navy 

The training boat Nave -Palinuro-

The friends Asi and Hedda B. (Israel) (See their photo-report)

The new battle ships of the Fremm and the Horizon classes

The Crest of Nave -Libeccio- given by the 2nd Commander to the Club Panerai

Then, the our -blitz-... to the Italian Navys' Commandos' HQ -Com.Sub.In.- in Le Grazie

Then the lunch, care of the Rest. -Della Baia-, ever in Le Grazie

Our arrival in Viareggio, but what time is it now?

Piero with his sister Marina and his brother in law Marco

(Webmaster Club Panerai and Cert. No. 1 -May 1st, 2000-!)

My sister Marina with my wife Rita

And, finally, the dinner care of the Hotel -I Pini- in Lido di Camaiore

Thanks to all for the participation!


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