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Meeting with the Ceo Panerai J. M. Pontroue´
Monday, October 15, 2018 the Club Panerai of Viareggio, the first unofficial website devoted to Panerai watches worldwide, as well as the first one to organise the recurring meetings for its subscribers, represented by the President Piero Lapiana, the Events Manager Rita Gallo and the Webmaster Marco Mancini, has been invited by the Ceo Panerai, Jean-Marc Pontroue´ together with some friends of the Panerai Italian Forum -Orologi & Passioni-.

From the Panerai Club there were Mirco Zaia, Lieutenant G.O.S./Marina Militare, Loris Pasetto, co-author of the Book -Panerai. An Italian History- and Marco Valerio Del Grosso, Curator of the Club's Facebook profile.

On the other hand, Panerai was present, in addition to the Ceo, Carlo Maria Ceppi -Italy Manager-, Alessandro Ficarelli -Director Product Development-, Pietro Zangrandi -Director Boutique Milano Via Monte Napoleone- and Ugo Pancani -Consultant Richemont and Lecturer Fondation Haute Horlogerie Fhh-.

The Ceo, who arrived to greet us in the garden of Villa Mozart in Milan, the fixed place of the meeting, immediately made us a surprise, letting the delivery of the Fiat -508 Balilla- keys, registered on January 30, 1936 (the same year of the first watch -Radiomir- and of the boat -Eilean-) and belonged to the Panerai Family, by Samuele Rinaldi to the Ceo Jean-Marc Pontroue´, thus sanctioning the transfer of ownership to Panerai.

After the ritual pledge, we were invited inside the Villa for lunch, admiring the beauty of the interior spaces and furnishings, in addition to the fantastic Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Moon Phases Equation of Time Gmt -L'Astronomo- 50mm, during which the Ceo is extremely available to the guests, as well as anticipating some interesting new product lines, materials and new boutiques opening, underlining the historical aspects of the brand and the products, has shown interest both for the activities of the Club Panerai from 2000 to today and for the procedures for issuing certificates of registration of the watches to the Club itself.

The same attention to the Florentine brand, for which Florence will once again be the reference point, has also been shown by C. M. Ceppi, A. Ficarelli, P. Zangrandi and U. Pancani, with whom we have talked about both the future prospects of the brand itself that on high watchmaking, as the President of the Club, Piero Lapiana, has just obtained the second Certification Fhh, the -Chrono Class-.

After lunch, we went to the nearby Boutique in Via Monte Napoleone where the Director P. Zangrandi showed the latest product news, such as, i. e., the Luminor Submersible 1950 Bmg-Tech 3 Days Automatic 47mm much loved by collectors, the Luminor Due in its latest variants and the two Radiomir 1940 47mm -Art Deco´-.

On this occasion, Piero Lapiana, on behalf of the Club Panerai, gave the Ceo, the official polo of the Club, created for the last yearly Meeting (XVIII) of May 2018, by the -Ecoside- of San Paolo (Brazil) in eco-sustainable material.

We thank Panerai for the wonderful day, the warm welcome and the wide availability.


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