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Goal of the CLUB PANERAI

This site, created the 1st May 2000 by an idea of two friends, supported by the webmaster,  who are fond of military watches and who own the first re-edition, A) letter, of a Luminor and of a Luminor Marina, is dedicated to the owners of these Officine Panerai (Florence) watches, first of the Panerai Family and now Panerai Sistemi - Calzoni, produced in the genuine version since 1936/8 (Vintage Panerai), in the replica version since 1993 (Replica Panerai) and in the first re-edition from 1997 on (Richemont Panerai), on sale today, by Officine Panerai (Milan) - Richemont Group.
We invite you to join our archives so as to create an updated data bank (Certif. + Photos Section) of the owners of the over mentioned watches.
Our goal, which is totally free of charge, it is to put in contact, even if in a virtual way, all those who are fond of these watches and all those who own them, so as to have at disposal a space in which everyone can express ideas, opinions and suggestions. We think that has having access to the updated archives, everyone will be able to check the circulation of these watches and the degree of attention paid towards them.
If you are an owners of the "Luminor" and "Radiomir" of the vintage and of the replica versions, more only some models and of the actual first re-edition and special editions collections, of the Officine Panerai, now of the Richemont Group (Cartier), but only for some "Luminor" and "Radiomir" models, you can enter this archives.
To all those who will sign up, by using the application form, we ask to indicate your name, your surname initial letter, your region, country or nation, the model, the matriculation number, the reference, the manufacturing (or purchasing) year, a short description of the watch and your e-mail.
It is possible to send also suggestions and the photos, max no. 3, (in .jpg format, max 24 kb and 250x250 pixel) of the watch.
To all those who will sign up, they will receive for free by e-mail, within few days, the confirm of the registration (until the no. 1,756 also the relative .jpg certificate (see, for ex., the Cert. no. 2) released to the watch, not to the owner, that will be progressively dated and numbered, while from the no. 1,757 on in .png). The number 00001 has been given to the webmaster Marco Mancini, who has helped us to realize this site, while the two numbers 00002 and 00003 are made out for our two Luminor models (Base and Marina) we have already talked about.
All the certificates issued are relative to the watch or to other object, but not to the owner, so the issue out is for one time only.

We wish to thank Panerai Sistemi (now brand of the Calzoni Spa), Bologna-I and Officine Panerai, Milan-I (now brand of the Richemont Group) for their interest towards us with interest to this initiative.

The archives will be periodically communicated to:
- Panerai Sistemi, now Calzoni Spa, Bologna, Italy;
- Officine Panerai, Richemont Group, Milan, Italy.

The Issued Certificate is relative only to the registration of the watch to this unofficial site, Club Panerai, but doesn't mean also the certification of the genuinity of the same watch and nobody can ask some money only for the presence of the certificate.

The Club Panerai doesn't make any different about politic, race, religion and social conditions, but it's only the expression of the point of view followed by the passion of the three founders about the history and our ideas, also because are -unofficial-, are not binding and might be not allowed. For every errors in the site, please inform us, but for these ones we can't answer, ever for our -unofficiality-.

The Sales Announcement, to publish in this Site (Forum), will be made by common consent, as the Club Panerai will ask to the seller an amount, pre-fixed or in a percentuage (5-10%), on the sale-price of the same announcement, as commission and as auto-financing of this Site and, on demand, we make an -official- expertise. See also the -Advertising- page.


www.clubpanerai.com is domain, mark and logo registered.
(No. LU2003C000133 of the 10/08/2003 and LU2013C000183 of the 08/29/2013,
 c/o the Chamber of Commerce in Lucca-I)

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Italian Laws. Info
The data in the archives will be handled according to the 2003 (Italian) Law no. 196, and the 2016 GDPR no. 679 (U. E.), about the privacy.
According to the 2001 (Italian) Law no. 62, this site is not an -editorial product widespread to the public with a regular periodicity-, being the updates made without predetermined expires and consisting only on improvements respect to what already published, without completely renew the previous contents.

Viareggio (Lu), Italy. Piero Lapiana, Marco Mancini and Ricciardo Canova.


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