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Matriculation No. (OP-BB/PB/PL/DT/SM/VV-PAM)
Officine Panerai Watches Identification Data from 1997 on
Ex. Luminor Marina, ref. Pam 001, matr. OP6502 BB976135
(Watch with case no. 6502 and model no. 976135 produced from 1997 on...
1997= No Letter, 1998=A Letter, 1999=B Letter etc...)
OP65xx-OP66xx-OP67xx-OP68xx-OP69xx-OP70xx + OP71xx
+ OOR (Out Of Range Model)
      Case number (From OP6500 (1997) on)
BBxxxxxxx-PB-PL-DT-SM and VVxxxxxxx  Individual model number
(The initial letters BB-PB-PL-DT-SM and VV belongs from the supplier of the case)
(From BB970001 (1997) on)
PAM xxx (PAnerai Model) and Reference (From Pam 001 (1997) on)
OOR (Out Of Range model)

Officine Panerai Watches Conversion Table Data from 1997 on
(*OP65xx-*OP66xx-*OP67xx-*OP68xx-*OP69xx-*OP70xx and *OP71xx
+ PAM *xxx)
*Allowed watches for the registration to the Club Panerai

*OP6500 Luminor (+ L. Marina) PAM *1-*2-*4-*9 (The firsts had the written T-SWISS-T on the dial)
OP6501 Mare Nostrum PAM 6-7-8 (398 of them came from the Officine Panerai Spa, Florence-I)
*OP6502 Luminor (+ L. Marina) PAM *1-*2/OOR-*4-30-31-32-33
*OP6503 Radiomir -Replica- 47mm PAM *21
*OP6504/OP6750 Luminor Marina L. H. PAM *22-*26/*26 (S. E. 2008)
OP6505 Luminor Gmt PAM 29
OP6506 Luminor Marina PAM 3
OP6508 Luminor Power Reserve PAM 27
*OP6510 Luminor Marina PAM *40 (Test 1999, 200 units)
*OP6511 Luminor Marina PAM *37
*OP6513 Luminor Marina Militare PAM *36
OP6515 Luminor Chrono 2000 40mm (+ Amg) PAM 45-105
OP6516 Radiomir Alarm Gmt 40mm PAM 46
OP6517 Radiomir Chrono Split-Second 40mm PAM 47
*OP6518 Luminor Marina PAM *1
*OP6519 Luminor + L. Marina (+ L. Marina "Fans Panerai Logo OP") PAM *4-*55-*195
*OP6520 Luminor (+ L. Marina) PAM *1-*2
*OP6521 Luminor PAM *9
*OP6522 Luminor Marina L. H. PAM *22
*OP6523 Luminor Marina L. H. PAM *26
OP6524 Luminor Gmt PAM 63
OP6525 Luminor Power Reserve PAM 27
OP6526 Luminor Power Reserve PAM 28
OP6527 Luminor Submersible 300m PAM 24
OP6528 Luminor Submersible 300m PAM 25
OP6529 Luminor Marina 40mm (+ L. Marina "Montecarlo 2000") PAM 48-49-50-51-69-70-71-81-96
OP6531 Luminor Chrono 40mm (+ Flyback + Amg) PAM 52-60-72-74-108
*OP6535 Luminor (+ L. Marina + L. Marina Militare "A. Vespucci") PAM *55-*61/OOR-*82-95
*OP6537 Luminor Marina L. H. PAM *56
OP6538 Luminor Power Reserve PAM 57
OP6539 Luminor Gmt PAM 63
OP6540 Radiomir 40mm PAM 62-66-68-73-99-100-101-102-103
OP6541 Luminor Submersible 1000m PAM 64
OP6544 Radiomir Platinum 42mm PAM 65
OP6546 Luminor Blackseal PAM 76
OP6547 Radiomir Tourbillon PAM 77
OP6549 Radiomir Zerograph PAM 67
OP6553 Luminor Marina 44mm (+ L. Marina "Regatta 2001") PAM 86-91-104-107-140-180-209
OP6554 Luminor Gmt PAM 88-89
*OP6558 Luminor Marina PAM *61
OP6559 Luminor Amagnetic-Arktos 44mm PAM 92 + L. Arktos Gmt 44mm PAM 186
OP6561 Luminor Submersible 300m (+ L. Submersible "Regatta 2004") PAM 24-25-106-199
*OP6567 Luminor Marina ed. 2002, PAM *111-113
*OP6568 Luminor ed. 2002 PAM *112-114
*OP6569 Luminor Marina L. H. ed. 2002 PAM *115
*OP6570 Luminor + L. Marina ed. 2002 PAM *116-*117
*OP6571 Luminor Marina L. H. ed. 2002 PAM *117
*OP6572 Luminor Marina ed. 2002 PAM *118
OP6575 Luminor Power Reserve 40mm PAM 125-126
*OP6576 Luminor 1950 47mm PAM *127
OP6577 Luminor Sealand for Purdey 44mm PAM 152-153-154-155-813-814-815-816-817-818
OP6580 Luminor Marina 40mm PAM 48-49-50-51-69-70-71-96
OP6584 Luminor Chrono 40mm "Regatta 2003" PAM 168
OP6587 Luminor Gmt 44mm "Regatta 2002" PAM 156
OP6591 Radiomir Chrono Split-Second 42mm PAM 147
*OP6598 Luminor Marina tantalium PAM *172
*OP6603/OP6644 Radiomir Black Seal 45mm PAM *183
OP6604 Radiomir Gmt 42mm steel PAM 184
OP6605 Radiomir Gmt 42mm white gold PAM 185
OP6606 Luminor North Pole Gmt 44mm PAM 252
OP6607 Luminor Submersible Chrono 1000m 47mm PAM 187
OP6608 Luminor Chrono 40mm PAM 189
*OP6609 Radiomir 8 Days steel-platinum 45mm PAM *190-*198
OP6611 Luminor Chrono tantalium 44mm PAM 192
OP6613 Luminor Submersible 2500m 47mm PAM 194
OP6614 Radiomir 8 Days rose gold 45mm PAM 197
OP6615 Radiomir 8 Days platinum -Sincere- 45mm PAM 208
*OP6616 Luminor "Logo OP" 44mm PAM *0
*OP6617 Luminor Marina "Logo OP" + "Ferretti 1986-2006" 44mm PAM *5-*248
OP6618 Radiomir Gmt 8 Days 45mm PAM 200-201
*OP6623 Radiomir (Base) 45mm PAM *210
*OP6624 Luminor 1950 8 Days + L. 1950 Marina Militare 47mm PAM *203-*267
OP6635 Luminor Power Reserve "Regatta 2005" PAM 222
OP6636 Luminor Sealand for Purdey steel 44mm PAM 831-832-833
OP6637 Luminor Chrono Firenze 2005 44mm PAM 224
OP6638 Luminor Sealand Jules Verne 44mm PAM 216
OP6640 Luminor 1950 Chrono Flyback and Rattrapante "Regatta 2006" PAM 212-213-253
OP6643 Luminor Chrono 40mm PAM 215
*OP6645 (Luminor) Marina Militare L. H. 47mm PAM *217
*OP6647/OP6730 Luminor L. H. ed. 2005 PAM *219
OP6650 Luminor Chrono Submersible Slytech ed. 1000m 47mm PAM 202-225
*OP6659 Radiomir 1938/OOR 47mm PAM *232
OP6660 Luminor 1950 Gmt 8 Days 44mm PAM 233-289
OP6673 Radiomir Chrono 1/8th Second 45mm PAM 246
*OP6674 Radiomir (Base) "Ferretti 1986-2006" 45mm PAM *247
*OP6675 Radiomir 1936 47mm PAM *249-*262
OP6687 Luminor 1950 Gmt 10 Days (+ -Boutiques Beverly Hills and Taipei 2010-) steel 44mm PAM 270-406-413
OP6699 Luminor Chrono "Regatta 2008" steel 44mm PAM 308
OP6708 Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante steel 44mm PAM 275
OP6710 Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante rose gold 44mm PAM 277
OP6714 Radiomir Black Seal aut. 45mm PAM 287
OP6716 Luminor 1950 8 Days Gmt rose gold 44mm PAM 289
*OP6723 Radiomir Black Seal Ceramic 45mm PAM *292
*OP6724 Luminor J titanium 44mm PAM *176
*OP6725 Luminor Marina J titanium 44mm PAM *177
*OP6726 Luminor J 44mm steel PAM *112
*OP6727 Luminor + L. Marina J steel 44mm PAM *112-*111
*OP6728 Luminor "Logo OP" J + L. Marina -Boutique New York 2009- steel 44mm PAM *0-*318
*OP6729 Luminor Marina "Logo OP" J 44mm PAM *5
OP6731 Radiomir Mare Nostrum Chrono steel 52mm PAM 300
OP6734 Luminor 1950 3 Days Submersible titanium 47mm PAM 305
OP6737 Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Gmt titanium 47mm PAM 306
*OP6738 Radiomir -Minerva- titanium 47mm PAM *309-*322-*349
OP6741 Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante titanium 44mm PAM 311
OP6746 Luminor 1950 3 Days steel 44mm PAM 312-328-359
OP6747 Luminor 1950 Submersible Depth Gauge titanium 47mm PAM 307
OP6748 Radiomir Tourbillon Gmt platinum 48mm PAM 316
*OP6750 Luminor Marina L. H. dlc steel 44mm PAM *26
OP6752 Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante Ceramic 44mm PAM 317
OP6754 Luminor 1950 Chrono Rattrapante 8 Days rose gold 47mm PAM 319
OP6755 Luminor 1950 3 Days Gmt + L. 1950 3 Days Gmt Power Reserve 44mm steel PAM 320-329-347
OP6756 Luminor 1950 3 Days Gmt Power Reserve 44mm steel PAM 321
OP6773 Radiomir Tourbillon Gmt titanium 48mm PAM 315
OP6781 Luminor 1950 10 Days Gmt Ceramic 44mm PAM 335
OP6782 Radiomir Tourbillon Gmt rose gold 48mm PAM 330
OP6783 Luminor Power Reserve dlc steel 44mm PAM 28
OP6784 Luminor Submersible 2500m titanium 47mm PAM 285
OP6790 Radiomir Chrono 1/8th Second "Regatta 2010" titanium 47mm PAM 343
OP6791 Radiomir rose gold 42mm PAM 336
*OP6792 Radiomir steel 42mm PAM *337
*OP6793 Radiomir titanium 42mm PAM *338
OP6794 Luminor 1950 Chrono "Regatta 2009" dlc steel 44mm PAM 332
*OP6795 Radiomir 8 Days -Egiziano- titanium 60mm PAM *341
OP6799 Luminor 1950 3 Days steel 44mm and titanium 44mm PAM 351-352
OP6800 Radiomir S.L.C. 3 Days steel 47mm PAM *425-*449
OP6802 Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante 8 Days rose gold 44mm PAM 344
 OP6804 Radiomir 8 Days titanium 45mm PAM 346
OP6805 Radiomir 10 Days Gmt steel 47mm PAM 323
*OP6806 Radiomir Marina Militare 8 Days Composite 47mm PAM *339
OP6807 Luminor Gmt steel 44mm PAM 29
OP6809 Radiomir Tourbillon Gmt -Lo Scienziato- Ceramic 48mm PAM 348-350
*OP6812 Luminor -10th Paneristi- dlc steel 44mm PAM *360
OP6824 Luminor 1950 Chrono Flyback steel 44mm and Rattrapante steel 44mm PAM 361-362
*OP6829 Luminor 1950 8 Days L. H. titanium 47mm PAM 368
*OP6834 Luminor + L. Marina -S. E. Boutiques 2009/2014- steel 44mm PAM *366-*367-*390-*404-*411-*412-*414-*415-*418*-419-*420-*428-*430-
*OP6835/OP7029 Luminor 1950 3 Days steel PAM *372
*OP6892/OP7066 Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days steel 47mm PAM *422 
*OP6936 Radiomir 1940 steel 42mm PAM *512
*OP6937 Luminor 8 Days steel 44mm PAM *560
*OP6938 Luminor Marina 8 Days titanium 44mm PAM *564
*OP6957 Radiomir 1940 3 Days dlc steel 47mm PAM *532
*OP6987 Luminor 1950 3 Days L. H. steel 47mm PAM *557
*OP6995 Radiomir 1940 3 Days Marina Militare steel 47mm PAM *587
*OP6999 Radiomir 8 Days steel 45mm PAM *610
*OP7029 Luminor 1950 3 Days steel 47mm PAM *372
*OP7040 Luminor + Luminor Marina + Luminor -15th Paneristi- steel 44mm PAM 630-*632-*634-*1000-*1005
*OP7073 Radiomir 1940 3 Days steel 47mm PAM *662
*OP7074 Luminor 1950 3 Days + Marina Militare steel 47mm PAM *673-*663
*OP7139 L. Marina steel 44mm PAM

Fake Officine Panerai Watches
Beware! Don't buy them!!

There are fake Panerai, of different models, on the market.
One of these is the Luminor Marina model, steel with strap, aut. 44mm (ref. PAM 86, 104 and 164).
The case and the bezel (smooth or graduated and rotating) are of steel, the leather strap is brown or black, the dial is white or black (smooth or with tiny vertical grey stripes) and the movement is automatic. The functions are: Hours, minutes, seconds and date at 3 o' clock. -Luminor Panerai Automatic- is written on the dial, while -Officine Panerai, Firenze 1860, Ocean Chronometer, OP8505 BB974849, A0989/1500, 200M- is written on the case-back.
For example, if you want to see the photos of the two followings fake Luminor, Replica Panerai:
a) Fake Luminor Marina, 1994, ref. 5218-203/a, matr. P 004, click here;
b) Fake Luminor Daylight, Slytech ed., 1996, matr. 5218-207/a, matr. 003, click here.




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