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II Meeting 2002
Viareggio, 27-28 April 2002

Sunday, 28th April 2002, care of the Hotel "Club I Pini", Period Residence, in Lido di Camaiore (Lu) and care of the office in Torre del Lago P. (Lu) of the Scuba Divers Society "Teseo Tesei" of Viareggio (Lu) (Tuscany, Italy) has been held the II Meeting 2002 of the Club Panerai, reserved both to the Panerai watches owners, period and present, utilized by the Commandos and the Scuba Divers of the Italian Navy from the second world war and both to all the military watches lovers.
Many have been the sharers whom have joined to the initiative promoted by the Club Panerai in collaboration with the Scuba Divers Society "Teseo Tesei", while the winelovely Fisar -Versilia department, Tuscany, Italy- sommeliers, as well as the same organization, have also taken care of the menu of the expected lunch for the occasion.
The sharers, came not only form the Tuscany, but also from the nears Liguria and Emilia-Romagna regions, have been shown the enthusiasm for the proposal initiative taken with them some objects of the one's private collections, like depth gauges, compassess, torches and of course watches, both period and present, produced by Officine Panerai of Florence, now Panerai Sistemi-Calzoni and at present by Panerai-Richemont group.
Remarkable has been also the available papery materials, like books, photos, catalogues, both period and present, at testimony of the great interests which rotate around these watches and to the history that represent.
To put in evidence, among the sharers, the winelovely Fisar sommeliers Marco Mancini (webmaster, cert. No. 00001) and Piero Lapiana (cert. No. 2), just editors of this site and inventors of the event with the Fisar colleagues Claudio Salvini and Monica Lenolli, managers of the hotel seat of the event.
Have been take part to the event the "medaglia d'oro" (gold medal) and Honorary President of the Society Emilio Bianchi with the family, who took part to the 1941 historic enterprise in Alexandria of Egypt with the famous italian "Maiali" /Pigs, the President of the Society Vittorio Volpi, son of Giuseppe, the technician creator of the "Mignatta" /Leech of the I world war, the italian army members, now in discharge, Plinio Pratesi, Giuseppe Falconi, Giuseppe Farneti, Giampiero Malfatti and Carlo Ruggieri with their families and the collectors Luciano Rinaldi (from S. Croce sull'Arno, Pisa), Alberto Coletta (from Viareggio, Lucca), Francesco Ferretti (O. Panerai's Authorized Dealer, from Montecatini Terme, Pistoia) (cert. No. 4-19-29-35-37-47-51-63 and 221), Fabio Castellani (from San Remo, Imperia) of the International Naval Museum of Imperia (Liguria) -Italy (cert. No. 96/M.Eq.), Valter Cucchi (from Longiano, Forlì) of the Historical Diving Society (Emilia-Romagna) -Italy (cert. No. 102/M.Eq. and 103) and Mario Paci (from Florence) of the Panerai Sistemi-Calzoni(cert. No. 115).
The regional dailies "Il Tirreno" and "La Nazione" have published an article about the II Meeting.

Some signatures of the sharers to the II Meeting
The our signatures!

Some photos of the sharers to the II Meeting

From the left to the right
V. Cucchi - E. Bianchi - P. Pratesi

Some objects on show
Close up, into its genuine wooden box, the Panerai's torpedoes chronographic gauge and, at the bottom on the left, the Panerai's portable electrosignaller (1940's) (See also the book Panerai Historia, pages 30-31)

The Piero Lapiana's Luminor Marina (cert. No. 2) with, on the right, the italian "Maiale" /Pig's fuse (1940's)

(by V. Cucchi)/Some objects on show

(by V. Cucchi)/Some objects on show
img src='immagini/402pan_0006.jpg' width='240' height='180'>
(by V. Cucchi)/Some objects on show
A). Technical Drawing US No. 2,954,665 of the 10/4/1960. For our lovers is ever a military secret...
1960. Panerai Us Patent. "L" Bridge. A) - B). (See also the book Panerai Historia, page 39)
Plans supplied by V. Cucchi, who takes care of a part of the Archives of the Historical Diving Society-Italy
Technical Drawing US No. 2,954,665 of the 10/4/1960.
1960. Panerai Us Patent. "L" Bridge. A) - B).
1909 - 1941. Posthumously awarded gold medal
Teseo Tesei The inventor in 1935, with Elios Toschi, of the italian "Maiale"/ Pig (See also the book Panerai Historia, pages 72-81)

The Piero Lapiana's Luminor Marina (cert. No. 2) and, below, the two Panerai catalogues, 1998 and 2000 editions with its warranty booklet

The two books, by Bagnasco-Spertini and, below, that by E. Bianchi, about the history of the X MAS Flotilla's operators

The two books, by G. Negretti, about the history of the Officine Panerai

The scale little model of the italian "Maiale" /Pig and, below, the coat of the Commandos Units, Com.Sub.In.-T. Tesei, of the Italian Navy with, on the left, the key holder of the Diver Units of the same Com.Sub.In.

The "table" of Piero Lapiana and, below, of V. Cucchi

The Panerai's portable electrosignaller (1940's) and, below, the Panerai's depth-gauge with two compassess (1970's-1980's)

Panerai's depth-gauge, Luminor mod. watch ref. 6152/1, compass and Radiomir mod. watch ref. 6154 (1940's) and, below, the Panerai's torpedoes chronographic gauge (1940's)
img src='immagini/402pan_0014.jpg' width='179' height='250'>
The our diver's helmet...and, below, the banner of the Scuba Divers Society "Teseo Tesei" of Viareggio (Lu) (Tuscany, Italy)

The "Maiale" /Pig's fuse (1940's) with, behind, the oxygen autobreathing apparatus kit bag (49/bis mod., 1940's, see also the book Panerai Historia, page 80) and, below, some of the sharers to the II Meeting, from the left to the right:
G. Malfatti, P. Pratesi, L. Rinaldi, C. Ruggieri, E. Bianchi (in the centre), M. Mancini, F. Castellani, P. Lapiana, F. Ferretti, V. Cucchi and G. Falconi


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