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1-200 Certificates

The site has been published on the net, the 1 May 2000 with the certificate No. 00001 "ad honorem" released to the webmaster Marco Mancini from Viareggio (Lu) Italy, while the Shinystat web visits counter has been created in the following 5 May.
The 25 May 2000 have been released the two certificates No. 00002 with photos, to the inventors of the site Piero Lapiana and Ricciardo Canova from Viareggio, respective for the Luminor Marina and Luminor 1998 models, references Pam 1 and 2 - matriculation OP6502 BB976135 and OP6502 BB972762 - individual numbers A0324/1500 and A0652/1000.
The first "true" certificate released, is the No. 00004 with photo, from Italy, Montecatini Terme (Pt), relative to the Radiomir 1937, Prototype, ref. 2533 - 116272.
The 28 June 2000 has been released the first certificate abroad, the No. 7 with photo, from Netherlands, relative to the Luminor 2000 model, ref. Pam 55, matr. OP6535 BB1003394 and ind. no. C1341/1500.
The 21 February 2001 certificate No. 000/S.L.C., from Princ. of Monaco, is the card with photos by Franco Gazzentini from Viareggio, relative to the 1942 (?) Stroke Slow Torpedo "Pig", while the 9 March 2001 No. 000/M.A.S., from Italy, is the card with photos by E. B., relative to the 1940 (?) Radiomir Autobright Path.

The maximum number of daily direct visits (i. e. only by the home page) is relative to the 28 August 2001 with 223 visits, while at the moment we have an average of 120 visits and a mailing list with about 300 e-mail addresses.
From the 5 May 2000 up to today (2 January 2002) we have had altogether 43,694 daily direct visits with 51,411 pages seen and a daily average of 73 visits and 85 pages.
At present we have released 200 + 2 certificates (see the No. 000/S.L.C. and 000/M.A.S.) with 115 + 9 photos (see also the Events and Meetings Section).
The certificate No. 00100 of the 6 February 2001, has been released to R. T., Usa, for the Luminor Marina 2000 model, ref. Pam 61 - matr. OP6535 BB1004336.
The certificate No. 00200 of the 2 January 2002, has been released to G. R., Italy, for the Luminor Marina 1997 model, ref. Pam 1 - matr. OP6502 BB971040 and ind. no. 0640/1000.
In the 21 and 22 April 2001 we have held, care of the Hotel "Club I Pini" in Lido di Camaiore (Lu) and in collaboration with the Scuba Divers Society "Teseo Tesei" of Viareggio, the I Meeting of the Club Panerai (see Events and Meetings Section).


Analyse the information obtained from the first 200 certificates released

How many, among the first 200 certificates released, those with the photos and how are divided into the three editions?
Among the first 200 certificates released (except the No. 00001 for the Webmaster), we have released 52 with photos, divided as follows:
a) 18, 9.50%, certificates for Vintage Panerai original edition watches (whose 17, 94.50%, with photos);
b) 19, 9.50%, certificates for Replica Panerai first re-edition watches (whose 10, 52.65%, with photos);
c) 162, 81%, certificates for Vendome-Richemont Panerai seconds re-edition watches (whose 25, 15.45%, with photos), divided as follows:
5 OP6500 (no photos) - 34 OP6502 (whose 6 with photos) - 4 OP6504 L.M.L.Ha. (whose 1 with photo) - 4 OP6510 (whose 1 with photo) - 7 OP6513 L.M.Mi. Pam 36 (whose 2 with photos) - 47 OP6518 (whose 6 with photos) - 4 OP6519 (no photos) - 6 OP6520 (no photos) - 1 OP6521 (with photo) - 5 OP6522 L.M.L.Ha. (whose 1 with photo) - 1 OP6523 L.M.L.Ha. (no photos) - 35 OP6535 + L.M.Mi. Pam 82 (whose 4 with photos) and 9 OP6537 L.M.L.Ha. (whose 3 with photos).

Which are, among the first 200 certificates released, the watches with the nearest individual number?
Among the Vintage Panerai (1936/8 - 1992), the certificates with photos No. 00037 and 00102, from Italy, Montecatini Terme (Pt) and Cesena (Fo), belong to the 1956 "Big Egyptian II" Radiomir mod., ref. gpf 2/56 and matr. no. ?/50 and 38/50;
Among the Replica Panerai (1993 - 1997), the certificates with photos No. 00049 and 00080, from Italy, Mantova and Reggio nell'Emilia, belong to the 1993 Luminor mod., ref. 5218-201/a and matr. no. 62 and 61, such as the certificates with photos No. 00166 and 00167, from Belgium, belong to the 1994 Luminor Marina mod., ref. 5218-203/a and matr. no. 11 and 12; i. e. there are two watches with the progressive number!;
Among the Vendome-Richemont Panerai (from 1997), present production, the certificates No. 00105 and 00176, respectly from England and Italy, Como, belong to the 2000 Luminor Marina mod., ref. Pam 1 - matr. OP6518 BB1006288 and OP6518 BB1006286; i. e. for only two numbers of difference!

Which are, among the first 200 certificates released, those belonging to the same person?
The certificates No. 00004, 19, 29, 35, 37, 47, 51 and 63 to F. F. (Italy);
The certificates No. 00026, 46 and 65 to C. J. L. (Usa);
The certificates No. 00043, 48 and 49 to G. B. (Italy);
The certificates No. 00086 and 87 to O. P. (Italy);
The certificates No. 00102 and 103 to V. C. (Italy);
The certificates No. 00122 and 139 to W. G. (Usa);
The certificates No. 00145, 166, 167 and 168 to D. G. (Belgium).

Which are, among the first 200 certificates released, those with the most interesting, not only of watches, photos?
The certificates No. 00059/, 96/ and 102/M.Eq., from Italy, Udine - San Remo (Im) and Cesena (Fo), with the photos of the individual equipment of the (Royal) Italian Navy;
The certificate No. 00092/ETA, from Switzerland, with the photos of the mechanical movement UT6497/Eta placed on the present 44-47mm hand wound Luminor;
The certificate No. 00186, from Italy, Livorno, with the photo of the 1944 italian poster of the X MAS Flotilla.

Which are, among the first 200 certificates released, those with the photos of the originals Radiomir and Luminor Panerai?
The certificates No. 00004, 35, 37, 86, 87, 102/M.Eq. and 126 from Italy, No. 00067 from Germany and No. 00106 from Switzerland, with the photos of the originals Radiomir;
The certificates No. 00011, 29, 59/ and 96/M.Eq. from Italy, with the photos of the originals Luminor.

Which are, among the first 200 certificates released, the "Special Editions" present collection models shown ?
a) The Luminor Marina Militare, Pam 36, OP6513 from BB980298 to BB980497, produced in the 1998 "A" in 200 units, is shown in the following certificates:
Certificate No. 00026, with photos, from Usa, ind. no. 001/200 (The first!);
Certificate No. 00076, from Germany, ind. no. 033/200;
Certificate No. 00020, from Italy, ind. no. 077/200;
Certificate No. 00138, from France, ind. no. 100/200;
Certificate No. 00177, from Italy, ind. no. 138/200;
Certificate No. 00109, from Italy, ind. no. 173/200;
Certificate No. 00046, with photo, from Usa, ind. no. 184/200;
In all, we have 7 Luminor Marina Militare, Pam 36.

b) The Luminor Marina Militare "A. Vespucci", Pam 82, OP6535 from BB1012122 to BB1012421, produced in the 2000 "C" in 300 units, is shown in the following certificates:
Certificate No. 00088, from Italy, ind. no. 117/300;
Certificate No. 00083, from Italy, ind. no. 119/300;
Certificate No. 00192, from Usa, ind. no. 128/300;
Certificate No. 00162, from Belgium, ind. no. 238/300;
In all, we have 4 Luminor Marina Militare "A. Vespucci", Pam 82.

c) The Luminor Marina "Left Handed", Pam 22-26 and 56, OP6504-6522-6523 and 6537, produced from 1998 "A" on, is shown in the following certificates:
Certificate No. 00012 (Titanium), with photo, from Singapore;
Certificate No. 00015 (Pvd Steel), with photos, from Scotland;
Certificate No. 00069 (Pvd Steel), from France;
Certificate No. 00084 (Titanium), from Japan;
Certificate No. 00114 (Titanium), from Indonesia;
Certificates No. 00117 (Pvd Steel), 00123 (Titanium) with photos, 00139 (Titanium), 00147 (Steel), 00174 (Steel), 00175 (Steel), 00184 (Titanium) and 00186 (Steel), from Italy;
Certificate No. 00125 (Titanium), with photo, from Hong Kong;
Certificates No. 00142 (Titanium), 00155 (Pvd Steel) and 00163 (Pvd Steel), from Usa;
Certificate No. 00145 (Titanium), from Belgium;
Certificate No. 00148 (Steel), from Canada;
In all, we have 19 Luminor Marina "Left Handed", Pam 22-26 and 56 (5 Steel, 5 Pvd Steel and 9 with the Titanium case).

How are shared, for States and Continents, the first 200 certificates released?
109 certificates (of 200) from Italy (54.5%);
35 from Usa (17.5%);
7 from France (3.5%);
6 from Belgium (3%);
6 from England (3%);
6 from Singapore (3%);
5 from Germany (2.5%);
4 from Hong Kong (2%);
4 from Spain (2%);
3 from Sweden (1.5%);
3 from Switzerland (1.5%);
2 from Canada (1%);
2 from Malaysia (1%);
2 from Mexico (1%);
1 from Japan (0.5%);
1 from Indonesia (0.5%);
1 from Israel (0.5%);
1 from Netherlands (0.5%);
1 from Portugal (0.5%);
1 from Scotland (0.5%).
Instead, the 2 certificates with photos, No. 000/S.L.C. and /M.A.S., have been released respective from Principality of Monaco and Italy.
In all, have been released 146 certificates (of 200) from Europe (73%), 39 from America (19%) and 15 from Asia (8%), while the certificates with photos released have been 52 (of 200) (26%).

Viareggio (Lu) Italy, 2 January 2002.
The Editorial Staff.
Piero Lapiana, Marco Mancini and Ricciardo Canova.

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