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Join free the Panerai watch, by filling up the application form here enclosed, with all the required data, to the Club Panerai, the on-line Archives of the owners of some of the Panerai Luminor and Radiomir models.

If you want to join to the Club Panerai, it is necessary to fill up the application form here below with the required data. You will receive for free, within few days, an e-mail confirming your registration with, attached in .png, the progressively dated and numbered certificate* made out to the watch, not to the owner.
If possible, together with the registration of the watch, please add the photos (max no. 3) of the watch that we will publish with the certificate.
The photos, preferred in .jpg format, max 24 kb and 250 x 250 pixel each, might be sent, contemporaneously with the registration of the watch (and not after...) and enclosed, to: info@clubpanerai.com

*The certificate is issued only one time and is relative only to the registration of the watch to this unofficial site, Club Panerai, but it doesn't mean also the certification of the genuinity of the same watch, as well as nobody can asks some money only for the presence of the certificate.

The registration of the watch is reserved only to some of the Luminor and Radiomir Panerai models, in the genuine version (Vintage Panerai) produced from 1936/8 to 1992, in the replica version (Replica Panerai) produced from 1993 to 1997 and in the actual re-edition (Richemont Panerai) produced from 1997 on, on sale today.
Concerning this first re-edition, only some models of this collection are allowed for the registration:

(PAM 000-1-2-4-5-9-21-22-26-36-37-40-55-56-61-82-111-112-115-116-117-








753-754-773-774-776-777-779-785-786-796-911-914-915-931-932-992-997-1000-1005-1059-1084 and 1086).

Ver. 20.1 - Updated to April, 27th, 2020.

(i. e. those with the dark (also sandwich) dial, the steel/pvd/dlc/titanium/ceramic/composite/tantalium/white gold or platinum case, the hand-wound movement and the strap only, without complications, because, according us, these are the only ones which can be regarded as the most representatives of the historic models, genuine (Vintage) and replica versions, produced in Florence until 1997).

Check here below (in the coloumn on the left), if the watch is already registered to the Club PANERAI:

a) Historic Models (Vintage) (1935/6-1992);

b) Replica Models (Pre-Vendome) (1993-1997);

c) Actual Models (Richemont) (From 1997 on).

It is also possible to send suggestions (criticisms or proposals) to improve the site.

For the registration of the watch, CLICK HERE

Thank you.



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