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To the C.E.O. A. Bonati and (1860-2010) 150th Anniversary
The proposals of the Club Panerai, exposed at the 2004 Sihh in Geneva, to the C.E.O. A. Bonati:

a) Historic Collection:
- Reutilization of the Logo OP, covered case-back instead of transparent, more larger writtens on the dial, black-dark brown and -sandwich- dial only, type Luminor 1950 pam 127, op ardillon buckle (type Replica-Florence), instead of the actual, L bridge in brushed steel, instead in polished steel (type Replica-Florence) and brushed/polished steel case only.
The name Black Seal, Radiomir pam 183, has not any historic meaning, is ok only for the sales abroad or for the contemporary and special edition collections.
It so happens that from the 2004, Historic Collection, the L bridge is in brushed steel, instead of polished steel (type Florence), while from the 2005, Historic Collection, the dial (black only) is now -sandwich- type..., the Luminor 8 Days pam 230, has the dark brown dial..., while, in the 2006, has been introduced just the Radiomir -California- 47mm in 1936 units...!
Are you coming back to the roots?
b) Contemporary Collection:
- Transparent case-back instead of covered, several color dials, bracelet on the L. Chrono Daylight 44mm, the L. Submersible 44mm and the Chrono 47mm, adjustable buckle only and several metal cases.
c) Special Editions:
- Radiomir 45mm, type pam 183, dedicated to the Club Panerai, with the personalized case-back with the logo (Trade Mark) of the site. 99 units, reserved only to the people registered in the Club;
For example, this is the our (with the light blue written CLUB) personalized dial and with the written CLUB PANERAI on the case-back, of the Piero's L. Marina and of the Ricciardo's Luminor, serial A), but these watches are not on sale!

- Radiomir 1936 (type ref. 3646), 47mm in 1936 units, with the polished steel case. Calf strap, transparent case-back, op ardillon buckle (type Replica-Florence) and the black dial, but with the arab-roman index (type California Dial, ref. 3646, Vintage-Florence).
It’s the most beautiful watch, according us even if, in 1938, had the Rolex dial and crown, is now a patrimony of the Panerai historic production, in fact is reproduced both in the books (Panerai Historia pag. 32) both in the Dvd of the Maison.
Do you know (at that thime) the reply of the C.E.O. A. Bonati, about this our proposal for starting its production?
"Mr. Lapiana, we'll don't make it, because it's a Rolex dial!";

Cert. no. 126 Omeris Arpesella

Cert. no. 126 Omeris Arpesella

- Mare Nostrum 1943, 45mm in 1943 units, with the brushed steel case. Shark strap, transparent case-back, op ardillon buckle (type Replica-Florence) and the black dial;
- Box with six articles, with the triple combination (Trittico) (i. e. watch, L. Submersible 300m, pam 24 or L. Marina, pam 111-compass, pam 191 and depth-gauge), the torch, the desk pendulette, pam 151 and the little model of the battle ship L. Durand De La Penne or of the S.L.C.-maiale. The box, in sailor style, will have six little portholes where everyone, contain inside a Panerai’s article. Numbered edition of 100 units.

Mr. A. Bonati, do you think wouldn’t sell these articles?

Finally, these are our proposals for the next years:

- Luminor 1950 (Base) 47mm in 1,950 units, special edition ? with the in-house mvt. (Now, in fact, belongs to the historic coll. 2011, issued in 3,500 units, Pam 372, with the in-house cal. P.3000);
- Luminor GPF 2/56 (-Big- Egiziano), 60mm in 1,956 units, with the in-house mvt. (Now, in fact, is a special edition 2009, issued in 500 units, Pam 341, with the in-house cal. P.2002) ;
- Luminor 1950 Destro/L. H. (Base) 47mm in 591 units (i. e. 1950 read from the right to the left...), special edition ? with the in-house mvt.

More than the new Chrono -Mare Nostrum-, introduced just in the 2010 as a Special Edition in 99 units with the h/w Manifattura Minerva mvt., we have to remember that in the 2010 is also the 150th anniversary of the Maison (O. Panerai, Firenze 1860-2010)... and considering that we have already -foreseen- for the past, we want to see what will happens: if, in fact, has been introduced just the new Chrono Mare Nostrum, as the main Special Edition 2010, we would like also the issue of a commemorative stamp just for the O. Panerai's 150th anniversary...


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