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Mare Nostrum 1943?-1997-2010-2015
Here are some photos, given us by Francesco Ferretti, Officine Panerai's authorised dealer in Montecatini Terme (Tuscany), of the one of the two 1943's (?) prototype (but the pics are of the 1950's...) of the Mare Nostrum, at that time reserved to the deck’s officiers of the Italian Royal Navy, bought the 14th November 2005 at the auction of Christie’s in Geneva, by the Panerai’s Museum, for about Euro 85,000.00.

The watch, with the 52mm steel case, guaranteed for a waterproof of 50m and the leather/canvas strap
Only one model known, of the two products!

The Radiomir Panerai black dial, with hours-minutes-seconds and the two counters

The crown

The inside of the screwed case-back

The hand-wound movement, an Angelus 215 cal. with 14 lignes

- In 1993-1996, Officine Panerai Florence introduced the first edition of the Mare Nostrum in the following three versions, alls with the 42mm steel case, the blue dial, an Eta 2801-2 cal. hand- wound mvt. with a chrono mod. Dubois Depraz 3127 cal. and with a waterproof of 50m:

a) Ref. 5218-301/a, with the tachy bezel, produced in 10 prot. + 990 units;
b) Ref. 5218-302 Slytech Ed., with the slate blue dial and the tachy bezel, produced in 50 units;
c) Ref. 5218-304 Slytech Ed., with the slate blue dial and the smooth bezel, produced in 50 units.

- While in 1997, Officine Panerai (at that time Vendome Group, now Richemont Group) introduced the second edition in the following three versions, Pam, ever with the 42mm steel case, the tachy bezel, an Eta 2801-2 cal. mvt. with a chrono mod. Dubois Depraz 3127 cal. and with a waterproof of 50m. This edition was produced in 400 units:

a) Pam 6, with the blue dial;
 b) Pam 7, with the white dial;
c) Pam 8, with the black dial.

- Pam 300 and Pam 603: (Radiomir) Mare Nostrum Chrono (Sp.  Ed. 2010-2015), with the new h-w cal. OP XXV (see) based Manifattura Minerva, with 18,000 a/h, 22 jewels, 12 3/4 lignes and a 55 hours of power reserve, 52mm Steel (Pam 300) and Titanium (Pam 603), leather/canvas strap, waterproof of 30m and issued in 99 units (Pam 300) and in 300 units in two years (Pam 603).

See also an interesting article, about the differences among the two versions (of the Luminor and Mare Nostrum 1993-1997 models) Officine Panerai Florence and Panerai-Richemont Group, written by Maurits Bollen on Paneristi.

We remember that the Mare Nostrum, in these two editions, Officine Panerai Florence and Panerai-Richemont Group, is not accepted by us for the registration to the Club Panerai, because this watch was not never officially given to the Italian Navy, see Panerai Award 1995, during and after the 2nd w. w., not like the Radiomir and the Luminor models.


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