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P-Day 4, 2005. Frankfurt (D)
Et voilà, some historical watches...

A beautiful 24-hours case, perfect for the business man here in Frankfurt!

Care of Volker's house, in Griesheim-D with his beautiful family, Francesco Ferretti-Italy,
Thorsten Groethe and Ralph Ehlers

During the exhibition organized, thanks to Marcel Roessner-Panerai Germany, care of Rueschenbeck

Inside the Hilton Hotel. What a pity! With us there were not the rich and beautiful heiress Mrs. Paris Hilton!

With the -Dream- Team of the P-Day 4

With Simona Di Stefano and her daughter Benedetta-Florence

With Tobias Muller-Switzerland and Nicolette Kok-Belgium

With John Backus-Usa

With -Hammer-Australia

Referring to Australia, like Mr. Crocodile Dundee...

Dedicated to the french Governor of the European Federal Reserve (B.C.E.), Mr. Trichet...

With the group from Italy, front of the Rathaus (The Townhall)

In Willy Brandt Platz, waiting for the little train -Ebbelwei Express-

Help! The little train is running out of the trucks. Maybe has been caused to the several Panerai inside?

Vanni Chiozzi-Italy has found the reason!

Has been this L. Marina (manual wind, of course...) the cause of the trouble!

After 15 minutes the trouble has been solved; deutsche organization. Now we can leave again

With Kristian Haagen-Denmark, Mr. Orange (like a Commandos...) and Mr. Yellow-Belgium

With Dean Gamburd-Usa, when is giving to me the book, by J. Greene and A. Masignani -The Black Prince and the Sea Devils- (about the history of J. V. Borghese and the X MAS Flotilla), ISBN code: 0-306-81311-4, that later i'll give, from Kiril Sprostranov-Usa with his dedication, to the italian gold medal Emilio Bianchi...

The dedication of Kiril Sprostranov to Emilio Bianchi

The house of Emilio Bianchi in Torre del Lago Puccini (Tuscany) with, in front, my scooter Piaggio -Beverly-

Emilio Bianchi with the book of Kiril

And the dedication of Emilio Bianchi to Kiril, that i have posted to him:
"I thank you for giving me the book and i hope to see you"

All the people at dinner, in the restaurant -Apfelwein Klaus-

Finally, these are the gift that i have received:

Patrick Vleeschouwer-Belgium, while is giving to me a triple fermentation's trappist fantastic bier!

The chocolate and the special glass' bier, from Frank Raiss and the bier, just from Patrick

Ever from Frank and directly from Russhelsheim-D (Opel-GM HQ Europe), the official key-holder of the Opel -Astra III-

Even if, in reality, is for my -Astra II-!

The baseball cap of the -St. Louis Cardinals- from Bruce "Big B" Ginsburg-Usa with four funny wristbands of -Paneristi- and the deutsche parfum -Joop!- (that i have bought for himself and i suggest to you, considered that the women like it, i. e. for the desperate housewifes...)

Again from Frank. Saugut!

Beetween wild boars and pigs, ever are porks...

The poster from Jay Pulli-Usa of this photo made with the Italian Gold Medal Emilio Bianchi in Bocca di Serchio-Tuscany (Italy),
during the V Meeting 2005 of the Club Panerai

On the site of Volker Wiegmann, there is the official photo-report of the P-Day 4

The postcard of the V Meeting with the greetings to the P-Day 4 from Emilio Bianchi

The pin and the postcard of the P-Day, then posted to the guests, from the Team of the P-Day

Thanks to Volker, Frank, Tom and Thorsten for the organization of the P-Day 4, while their next event will be for saturday 30th September 2006 in Munich (D) P-Day 5 and saturday 20th May 2006 will be the VI Meeting of the Club Panerai, as usual in Viareggio (I).


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